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Maya Law – “Full Circle” (feat. Deacon & Gabriel Gifford) (Island Fox’s alternative atomic composite)

29 Jan

As a general rule, we at Alphabet Bands don’t really post remixes. Like all good rules though, they can be broken and we will happily make allowances for something incredible. This Island Fox reimagining of Maya Law’s latest single ticks the incredible box (and goes on to tick the amazing, stunning and remarkable boxes too).

“Full Circle” (also streaming below) was released earlier this month to much acclaim. The soulful collaboration with Maya’s longtime producer Gabriel Gifford (aka Allergy Kid) and Deacon showcases the very best of each individual involved. Crisp, head nodding, tripped out beats and smooth jazzy melodies melt into Maya’s swooning vocal and Deacon’s rich flow. It is a superb piece of low-fi hip-hop that will have you hooked in no time.

Which makes this Island Fox re-work all the more astounding. The track is taken to a whole new place, a place where organic and industrial come together as one symbiotic organism. There’s a otherworldly feeling to it, a vast sci-fi darkness that consumes “Full Circle” before breaking it down to its component parts and restructuring it into this magnificent cybernetic vision of life. A new intensity has been breathed into it, a compulsive urgency that is undeniable and irresistable. It swirls and stomps, crashes and twists, metal and electronics meeting earth and air and coming together as one. If Cylons made music, it could sound something like this.

So yes, we have rules about remixes but there are always exceptions to be made, and this ”alternative atomic composite” is truly exceptional.

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Maya Law and Allergy Kid – “Take It From Me”

10 Oct


As a resident of Norwich, I am fully aware that the Fine City has an (unfair) reputation amongst its bigger, flashier siblings as being a bit slow and backward. Other cities tend to sneer at little old Norwich and its rural history. They laugh and point towards that jutty out bit of England that is kind of just there, believing all Norwich folk to be bumbling idiots.

Look beyond the lazy stereotypes though and you will find a city rich in innovation, creativity and multimedia development. You will also find a city with a vibrant, diverse and extremely talented music scene.

I’ve covered plenty of local acts over the years but I can honestly say, they just keep getting better.

Three examples spring immediately to mind to support that claim.

Let’s Eat Grandma (first featured here in 2014) have recently won massive critical acclaim across the globe for their debut album, I, Gemini, so much so that award nominations can’t be far away. Mullally, who I featured last week, has already been nominated for numerous awards in the last few weeks and his last two tracks have been streamed over a million times each on Spotify, and he’s still unsigned (somehow).

Thirdly, and possibly most excitingly, is Maya Law whose work with up-and-coming electro-hop producer Gabriel Gifford, aka Allergy Kid, is not only brilliant, but also remarkably heartfelt and open. After the success of their first track together, ”Safe & Sound”, the duo’s plans to release an EP have swollen to a full album and the third track from it is the deeply emotive “Take It From Me”.

Dealing with the complexities and anguish of sexual anxiety, Law’s lyrics are raw and startlingly honest. She looks at her own life and experiences with a clarity and awareness that is often absent in her peers. At just 17 she already possesses a heaviness and almost world weariness in her vocal that conveys the emotion and tumultuousness of her life. Here she is showcasing biting self criticism and a wonderful soulful vocal that is beautifully evocative of her twin idols, Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill.

Beneath it all are Allergy Kid’s softly compulsive beats and deft production, providing the perfect metronomic counterbalance to the lyrical upheaval. The pair have an almost symbiotic musical connection, his light electronics and rhythms wonderfully juxtaposed with her rich, warm voice.

It is another strong step forward in what should be a long and successful career for both artists, and is further proof that despite all the big city prejudice, Norwich is so much more than that little city out in the sticks.

The Maya Law & Allergy Kid album, ‘Her or Him’, is due out on 14 October and can be pre-ordered here.

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Maya Law – “Safe & Sound”

9 Mar

Maya Law

At just 17 years old, Maya Law is already making something of a name for herself out here in Norwich. Recognition is starting to come from further afield with some national radio play already and its only a matter of time before hers is a name people are talking about excitedly.

A supremely talented singer-songwriter whose live set currently consists of an acoustic guitar and her amazing vocals, Law has recently collaborated with hip-hop and electronic producers with incredible results. One of her tracks with fellow Norwich locals Cabra Kid got airplay from Radio1 Xtra and her latest work with Allergy Kid is a low-tempo, electro gem.

With it’s soft hip-hop rhythm and alluring late summer evening electro elements, “Safe & Sound” is gloriously understated and head-noddingly infectious. Allergy Kid’s production is deft, subtle and perfectly juxtaposed to Maya’s rich, deceptively soulful voice.

A fan of Lauryn Hill, she has a similar depth and knowing edge to her vocal. She sings beyond her years, mature in sound and content and even a little world weary and heartbroken, it’s clear that Maya Law is a big talent with a lot of potential. Watch this space.

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