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Asleep With Headphones – “Eleventy-Four”

12 Feb

Asleep With Headphones

In recent years random surveys have found that, generally speaking, Coldplay are the band most people like to fall asleep to. This does not surprise us. We don’t mean the fact that Coldplay are so musically soporific that they render their listeners unconscious (though now you come to mention it…). No, we mean the fact that people like to fall asleep listening to music. We do, have done for years and years, ever since we were young and would curl up under our Star Wars duvet with our Walkman and drift off while listening to the charts we taped off the radio the previous Sunday. That is, we did until it was pointed out to us that sleeping with a pair of headphones on is dangerous as we could quite easily garrotte our young and tender neck with the cables. Ever since this revelation in our formative years we have considered being asleep with headphones on to be a bad thing.

Until now.

Now we know that Asleep With Headphones is not only a good thing, it is a wonderful and enticing electronic trickle of soft ambient gorgeousness thing. For you see, Asleep With Headphones is no longer just a reminiscence to our youth, it is the nom de musique for Cleveland based electro producer, Jason Mowry.

Judging by his discography (seven EPs in three years) he’s quite a prolific conjurer of musical magic and his latest EP, The Stargazer, is a magnificent concoction of downtempo, late night electronics and digital rhythms. The whole thing is rather glorious but we have chosen to showcase the sublime “Eleventy-Four” and its nostalgic, early days of cinema style video.

“Eleventy-Four” is elegant, refined and welcoming. The cool digitised beats are crisp not stark and the synths ripple and float along like a long lost satellite, drifting in space on a never-ending journey of exploration through the wonders of the cosmos.

It is music for closed eyed imaginings and dreaming. Pass the headphones, we’re going for a nap…

”Eleventy-Four” features on ‘The Stargazer’ EP which is available now as a free download.

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Isovert – “Fade” (ΛYLΛ & Sorcha Richardson’s vocal mix)

16 Jan

Isovert Fade Vocal Mix

The confessions and apologies are coming thick and fast here at AB HQ right now. After last week holding our hands up about not posting the White Fever EP, today we must throw ourselves on our sword and beg forgiveness from Con Vos. We totally forgot their rather wonderful EP Cocoon Bloom when compiling our end of year list which was an oversight. To say sorry, we would like to point readers in this direction where they can buy said wonderful EP.

For those of you wondering why we were compelled to issue this public apology whilst not writing about Con Vos, the answer resides in the vocals. Cocoon Bloom features the rather luxurious and beautiful voice of Brooklyn based Irish singer, Sorcha Richardson, who has just teamed up with electronic producer ΛYLΛ on a sublime re-work of “Fade” by another electronic producer, Isovert. Still with us? Good.

Isovert’s original track (also streaming below) is lovely enough but ΛYLΛ has smoothed it out still further, muted it somewhat and covered the whole thing with dry ice. Richardson’s vocals are as stunning as always and while she may have started out as a folk singer, the move into electronica (ambient and otherwise) suits her perfectly. She sings with a wispy, ethereal and angelic quality, her voice floating serenely above the still mist of digital beats and melody.

It’s gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite etc etc. Listen to it tonight, sit down with a cool drink of something, put your feet up and let all your cares and worries wash away with the downtempo perfection of this new “Fade”. You’ll be glad you did.

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Deaths – “Lonewolves”

12 Sep


Like a ninja emerging stealthily from the shadows, yesterday saw mysterious Berlin based act Deaths step into the light with a track so gorgeous, it totally blindsides you with monochromatic beauty. Not since Tears & Marble produced that Haddaway cover have we been so surprised and taken with a song so quickly. Not that we are the only ones, the blog world got itself in quite the lather of excitement yesterday with the debut of “Lonewolves”, and understandably so.

As is often the case with artists these days, not much is known about Deaths (though we understand it used to be a solo project and now comprises a full band) but whilst we would normally have a bit of a grumble or make a joke about the lack of info, this is one of those times when it really should be all about the music. “Lonewolves” is just stunning.

Enveloped in rolling grey clouds of delicately rumbling digital production, the synth lines and guitar picks tumble gracefully like snow, cool and mesmeric. Meanwhile, as your head looks entranced to the heavens, the percussion snaps and crunches like frost under foot. It’s dark but, like death itself, there is light flickering in the distance, a faint glow that compels you to it. It’s gorgeous, take a listen and prepare to be excited about their forthcoming EP.

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A Weekend At The Feelies – “Time & Heat”

11 Aug

A Weekend At The Feelies

It was just over a year ago when we first featured Jordan Campbell and his musical persona, A Weekend At The Feelies and he’s come a long way since. There have been more singles, radio play and support from the likes of Amazing Radio, more and more gigs, blog coverage, the superb Chasing Silk EP and in September there will be the new Summertime Bloodsport EP (which sounds gorgeous). His burgeoning success is no surprise as he is able to seemingly drip sound into sound creating heady concoctions of melody and woozy, dreamlike feelings.

The latest example is his new track, “Time & Heat” which was premiered and fawned over by those lovely people at The Line of Best Fit (another example of Jordan’s growing reputation and critical acclaim).

A languid haziness shimmers across the entirety of its near five minutes; the arrangement a cross hatching of sunlight seeping through a screen door as the vocals drift almost imperceptibly calmly across the sky. The rhythm babbles like a distant stream, gently buffeting sticks of keys and guitar twangs along its surface as days melt into nights into days. It is quintessentially A Weekend At The Feelies and completely stunning. It draws you in, takes you in its arms and carries you, weightless, off on its whispered way, calming and divine, you can’t help but close your eyes and just go with it.

’Summertime Bloodsport’ is due out on 12 September.

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Harry Edwards – “The Only Thing You See”

31 Jul

Harry Edwards

Long time readers will know that, as residents of the Fine City we like to promote music from in and around Norwich whenever we can, as long as it is good of course. So it is our pleasure to finally introduce to you a young lad from just outside the city walls, Harry Edwards.

We say ‘finally’ as we’ve actually been listening to and talking about Harry for about a year now, we even took his track “Strangle Button” (it’s gorgeous) with us when we went on Amazing Radio ages and ages ago. No doubt full of youthful effervescence and get-up-and-go, Harry is crazy prolific and not afraid to share anything. Until recently his soundcloud profile was chock full of tracks, drafts of tracks, and alternate versions of tracks often showing different styles of electronic production and sound (he’s had a bit of a spring clean recently).

It is his atmospheric side that we love the most though and much like the aforementioned “Strangle Button”, the recently uploaded “The Only Thing You See” is hauntingly beautiful. With misty, muted vocals mixed with the gentle ripple of tide against shore, it drifts effortlessly along, wispy and emotive in its simple elegance. Reminiscent of Arrange and Garnets, both of whom we adore, Edwards has crafted a gorgeously majestic and monochromatic vista. Like a stag drinking from a still forest lake, covered in low level cloud, it is simple, powerful and stunning.

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