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Cera – “Another Way You Want It”

5 Aug


We had this great idea when we sat down to write about Cera. Rather than make the obvious joke about them possibly getting confused with a hollywood actor (who himself has a band) we thought we’d focus on their provenance. For, while Cera are very very new, half of their number (there’s two of them) used to be in an old blog favourite of ours, Blank Maps.

Armed with that knowledge we thought it would be clever to focus on musical reincarnation. We thought we’d talk about the ongoing debate between theologians of various hue, between scientists and philosophers and how the concept had even been co-opted by science fiction. We even made this rather wonderful link between the re-birth of bands, Dr Who and the Hindu belief in Dashavatara for Vishnu. It was, incredible.

Except it wasn’t. When we read it back it was garbled, it was confusing and it told you nothing. Most importantly, it did nothing for the song. So, rather than peddle that line and try to be too clever for our own good we decided to just stick to the tune and let you know some basics.

As mentioned, Cera are comprised of one former member of the much missed Blank Maps, Jake Longley, and Australian newcomer Nicolette Chin. They met in London and found they had similar taste in music and dogs (so Jake tells us) and so decided to make music together (not a euphemism).

Their debut effort is “Another Way You Want It” and it is really rather wonderful. There’s a soft pulse of disco vibes and swirling electronica, like Donna Summer reincarnated, arms outstretched beckoning you forth to get your gentle groove on. It’s classically retro with a disco ball full of modern noodling digitisation glitching all over it. It’s smooth and soulful with Nicolette’s vocals sliding gracefully and effortlessly atop it all like melted chocolate spilling out over the smokey, neon lit dance floor.

It’s just gorgeous and well worth a late night sway or two (not a euphemism).

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