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2016 Preview: Artists to Listen out for Part One

7 Dec

Listen Out For...

List-o-mania season is well underway so what better time is there to take a step back and think about putting things in an entirely subjective numerical order? We’re kicking off our contribution to the listing extravaganza with our Artists to Listen out for… series. These are the 15 acts we’ve been loving and are excited to hear more from in 2016, starting with a remarkable young pop star in the making and a pair of bands making some delightfully swoonsome melodies.

#15 – Girli


Bright, brash and bombastic, London based Girli doesn’t hold back when it comes to her brand of aggressive pop. Overflowing with attitude and in your faceness, her most recent tracks “ASBOys” and “So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya” were like a blitzkrieg of japanese influenced, video game loving geektronica, pop, rap and pink (the colour). Think bo-en producing Daphne & Celeste with Nicki Minaj doing the chorus and you’re getting there but that still doesn’t do it justice.

It’s not all confrontation and swagger though, not at all. It’s part social commentary (as well as a big fuck you to people who got on her bad side) and part multi-faceted and intricate electronic compositions. Earlier track “Handbrake” showed off a more laidback tone with a grand sweep to the electronics, more the morning after the night before of “ASBOys” perhaps. Either way, everything she’s done is catchy as fuck and we’d expect a big bouncy sing along from fans when she plays The Great Escape next year.

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#14 – Arctic Lake

Arctic Lake

Operating at the opposite end of the spectrum to Girli are London based trio, Arctic Lake. Whereas Girli is in your face bright colours, Arctic Lake are wistful swirls of electronics washing gently over you and ebbing guitars cushioning your inevitable swoon from all the loveliness.

Emma Foster’s vocals are a soft whisper in the ear as you wander these muted soundscapes of their creation. The music is cool and soothing, a late night of candles and solitude, relaxation and recharging.

Formed in Lancashire but based in London (where they have been finishing off their University studies) the trio have already been playlisted on Radio One and gushed over by countless blogs. So far we’ve been treated to just the three tracks but with education finished (for now) we’re hoping to hear a lot more from them in the coming year.

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#13 – Stalgia


We still know next to nothing about mysterious duo Stalgia but, like Arctic Lake, they make music that is so dreamy and delicate that we cannot help but get lost inside its mistyness. “Rust” and “Tepid” are gentle and becalming with a shroud of melodic darkness draped over their shoulders. The beats and electronics like hazy shafts of light breaking through from above.

The breezy fragility of their sounds gives them a beautiful vulnerability; a gorgeous melancholia that like watching a storm in the distance.

There was talk of an EP from the pair last year that didn’t materialise so fingers crossed that has been held back for a full on assault of 2016.

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Arctic Lake – “For Us”

18 Oct

Arctic Lake

Nudging at your subconscious with gentle insistence, the latest track from London based Arctic Lake is the kind of delicate and soulful electronica dark winter nights were made for. As we sit in the half light on a cold Sunday evening, weary from the week before and mildly trepidatious about the Monday to come, Emma Foster’s feather-soft vocals gently massage our temples while the calm melody soothes our furrowed brow.

Following the understated beauty of “Limits” and “Only Me”, “For Us” continues the theme of wispy gorgeousness woven into other-side-of-the-pillow-cool electronics and crisp-as-fresh-snow beats. There are moments where we are reminded of Brooke Annibale’s heartfelt and stunning “Tragically Beautiful” (a very good thing indeed) and there can be no denying the pristine beauty of Arctic Lake’s subtly intricate craft.

There is a dash more energy than was present in its predecessors (that deft guitar line is begging to be let loose) but “For Us’ is not for the dancefloor. It is for osmotic consumption, for eyes closed enjoyment and for stillness in the night. Monday may not turn out to be great, but Sunday just got a lot better.

Via The Line of Best Fit

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Arctic Lake – “Limits”

26 Jan

Arctic Lake

Mondays can be stressful affairs can’t they? The fun, frolics and relaxing feeling of the weekend are soon a distant memory as pressure kicks in and all your deadlines are suddenly yesterday. Caffeine isn’t helping as email after email and phone call after phone call comes raining in, bombarding you with demands. Hiding in the toilets isn’t an option either as the cubicles are all full of colleagues gently sobbing to themselves and muttering ‘but I swear it was Friday evening just an hour ago’.*

If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘I resemble that remark’ (or even if you don’t, we doubt many people do really) then we have just the thing to help soothe your mind and soul. It won’t stop work being awful, but it will take the edge off somewhat.

London based trio Arctic Lake are perfectly suited for an intense Monday morning, or anytime of the week really, with their oh-so-soft and beautiful swirl of electronics, guitars and melodies. Comparisons to London Grammar have inevitably come their way thanks, in no small part, to the beauty of Emma Foster’s vocals and the muted soundscapes they sculpt, but this is not merely a clone. If anything their latest track, “Limits”, is even more mellow and comforting in sound than anything the Grammar trio have produced thus far.

While we’re sure it’s not written about the drudgery and stresses of a day job that is going Monday morning mental, the lyrics certainly do seem to empathise as Emma sings about being ”stuck in a routine” and no longer wanting to be ”bound by limits that were never set by me”. Sounds like a lot of offices across the world in a way doesn’t it? Though we bet none of those offices sound so damn gorgeous.

*Other office scenarios are available / likely

”Limits” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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