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Mononoke – “Barefoot and Broken“

24 Apr


One song was all it took for us to fall for the very obvious musical charms of the otherwise very mysterious Mononoke. “Alice” was a sublime creation and one that had more than just us scrambling to include the Warner Chappell signee in lists of artists to listen out for in 2014 and when follow-up “Bones and Glory” hit the net, you could hear the collective sigh of relief from bloggers the world over that it was, delightfully, just as good. This week Mononoke went for the hat-trick with “Barefoot and Broken” and what do you know, she’s caressed it perfectly into the top corner for a beauty.

Like its predecessors, “Barefoot and Broken” is startling in its gorgeousness and immediately you are captivated. Listening for the very first time is like witnessing the reveal of a newly discovered Van Gough or Monet. The veil is pulled back, your breath catches as before you stands a masterpiece. A wonderful example of the mellow-cholic sound she has cultivated, her vocals drift like the last kiss blown from a loved one as they turn to leave and your heart stops in realisation. You won’t see them again.

The simple piano notes fall like muted tears, trailing gently down your face as the anguish and pain builds in mist of soft electronics and synths. ”I did everything you asked me” she calls out, the emotion rising with the distress while the melody shushes and caresses like a concerned parent.

It is, as has fast become the norm for this young lady, heavenly and as long as she can make heartbreak sound this beautiful, we won’t mind the pain.

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