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Listen: CONCLΔVE – “Melted”

21 Feb


Sometimes we get emails from artists that contain an inordinate amount of biographical detail and press quotes that border on the ostentatious they are so effusive. Not all are like that of course, most are very well balanced but occasionally we get some that say practically nothing at all.

Like the email we received from Conclave who’s bio proclaimed him to be a “23 year old beatsmith from the land of the thousand islands”. Which, according to Google, could put him in the Adriatic Sea just off the coast of Croatia, in Indonesia or possibly by a salad. Further digging revealed little, other than he proclaims to ”bake beats” and works in the ‘calm/chaotic’ music genre.

“Melted” falls into the calm scene, but with a foreboding, twisted bassline that shudders and vibrates underneath skittish beats and a simple piano melody, reminiscent of Mezzanine era Massive Attack. It’s quite a dextrous piece of electronica with its darkness balanced by soft, glacial vocals, here provided by collaborator and lyricist, Berna So. Who cares where he comes from when it sounds this good?

”Melted” will feature on a forthcoming Conclave EP.

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