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Black Honey – “Somebody Better” (video)

27 Mar

When we write, we often find that the first line is the hardest one to come up with. We can agonise for ages over how to start a piece and where to go with it. Once it is in place, everything seems to flow on. It’s odd really, mainly because we’re fascinated by how and why our mind should work that way but also because many of the bands we like are so damn good at beginnings.

Take Black Honey for example. Over the years, having introduced themselves with a wonderfully mysterious beginning, the Brighton four-piece have proven themselves masters of the intro. We’ve had the hazy, retro pulp-rock openings of ”Spinning Wheel”, ”Madonna”, and ”Corrine”; the Helter Skelter freneticism of ”All My Pride”, and the surprisingly madchester-like swirl of “Hello Today”, amongst others.

Most recently they have treated us to “Somebody Better”, a quintessentially Black Honey track with a bombastic opening, storming middle and vibrant crescendo. It also has a wonderfully off-centre video that is as colourful and vibrant as the track (as well as being a little NSFW) mixing retro and faux-retro into a devilishly cool package, a bit like Black Honey themselves.

There’s something a little Gwen Stefani about Izzy’s vocals (no bad thing at all) as the soundscape created washes out into a heat-blurred horizon; the drums and guitars leading the charge over the top as they kick back in.

In the ongoing game of Black Honey vs the world, put this down as another win for the coolest Brighton gang around.

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Black Honey – “Hello Today”

22 Sep


One fuzzy twang of guitar, a gentle crashing of drums and a surprisingly Madchestery bassline that makes you want to shuffle forwards and backwards in glee, is all it takes for Black Honey to remind you why they are one of the most talked about and exciting new acts around.

I’ve been writing about the Brighton foursome since they debuted in the heady days of late summer 2014. Back then all the world knew about them came from a mysterious mobile number and their willingness to provide cryptic text answers to unusual questions. Throughout that time they have never failed to delight with their raucous, catchy and genre-defying garage-surfer-indie-rock-pop. Their live show is a stupendous hedonistic mess of noise and energy and they just keep getting better and better.

“Hello Today” continues the Black Honey trend of sounding more confident and polished, whilst simultaneously sounding more hazy and distressed (the clothing meaning) than before. Izzy’s stone washed vocals blur into the guitar lines as melody and rhythm entwine symbiotically. It’s a damn fine song. One that had me grooving in my chair at work and annoying everyone with semi-fervent foot-tapping. That bassline has a subtle grooviness to it that is addictive and infectious, at the very least you’ll be shoulder dancing to it, if not full on bouncing and dancing like an idiot.

It’s brilliant but then again, everything Black Honey have done so far has been brilliant and their reputation is thoroughly deserved

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Black Honey – “All My Pride”

19 Apr

Black Honey

Continuing our blitz of cracking tunes that came out during the last few weeks while we weren’t writing, we turn to the always fantastic Black Honey and the storming “All My Pride”.

It is, as you’d expect, a frenetic dose of high octane and insistent energy. Fervent, b-movie-brilliant guitar lines collide with the crash and thunder of the drums as Izzy’s vocals swagger and dominate. It’s raw and thunderous without ever losing control or descending into chaos. It’s compulsive, addictive even and like their live performances, it will leave you breathless and aching for more.

”All My Pride” is taken from the forthcoming EP, ‘Headspin’, which is due out on 29 April and is available to pre-order via iTunes.

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2015 Review: Acts of the Year

6 Jan

Acts of the Year

#1 – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder

This is the first year we’ve ever annointed an ‘act of the year’ and we thought it was high time we did so. Like many of our choices this past few days, the answer seemed pretty obvious to us as soon as we started to think about it. Oh Wonder have just had an absolutely incredible 12 months and really, to us, they feel like the only choice.

Certainly, as we mentioned when announcing their debut record as being our favourite album of 2015, they are the band we have listened to more than any other and their live show was just fantastic. That is all the more incredible when you consider that they hadn’t played a live show as a band before the autumn. Now though they are selling out shows around the world and further enhancing their reputation as lovely people and a wonderful band.

This time last year the Oh Wonder juggernaut was just starting to pick up speed. Their early tracks were racking up the plays and regularly looking down on everyone else from the Hype Machine summit. They played a session for Radio One and then the album came out and their stratospheric trajectory spiked even higher.

Oh Wonder reached 26 in the UK charts and their music was heard by 6million listeners on Spotify in 2015 and, according to Hype Machine, they were the third most blogged about band in the UK. Not bad for a pair who started out just writing some tunes together to see what happened.

Unquestionably, 2015 belonged to Oh Wonder.

#2 – Black Honey

Black Honey

Another band to have an absolutely storming 12 months was blog favourite, Black Honey. Like Oh Wonder they have done nothing but enhance their reputation and gain a legion of fans in 2015.

We love everything they have done and seemingly, so do a hell of a lot of other people. Their music was played by 750,000 listeners on Spotify and they were the most blogged about band in the UK. They are an incredibly exciting young band with a raw, passionate energy in their music that sets them apart from other bands of a similar ilk.

They are exciting and people are excited by them. We finally got to see them play live at the Norwich Sound and Vision festival and in the lead up to the gig, Black Honey was the name on everyone’s lips. They were the band most people were talking about, the one they most wanted to see and the one that everyone knew. Those of us who were lucky enough to squeeze into the Mash Tun for their show were not disappointed as they let fly with an incendiary set that damn near took the roof off.

2015 was an amazing year for them and, if there is an album on the way, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Black Honey dominate 2016.

#3 – The Japanese House


This time last year no-one had heard of The Japanese House. Yet by the time the calendar page ticked over to 2016, Amber Bain was one of the most talked about new artists around. In just a few short months she debuted with a Zane Lowe premiere, a place on the Dirty Hit roster and The 1975 on production duties, and left with two highly acclaimed EPs, Pools to Bathe In and Clean, under her belt.

Her music is magical and multi layered with melodies and her beguiling androgynous vocal enchanting and entrancing. She was second on the Blog Sound of 2016 poll as well as on the Tipping Point’s Tips of the Year and if weren’t for the likelihood of an album being released next year, we’d expect her to be on the BBC Sound of 2017 poll.

Listen Out For – 2015 Previews Round Up

7 Dec

2015 Previews Round Up

The calendar has clicked round to December and children across the world are excited about finding small bits of chocolate behind little cardboard doors. Like many other blogs, we are getting excited about end of year list-o-mania (and small bits of chocolate behind little cardboard doors).

As is our wont we will start with previews of artists we are looking forward to hearing from more next year. But, as is also our wont, we will preface this with a look back at the tips we made last year to see how they did and by association, how well we did. In all honesty it was, outwardly, a pretty quiet year for most of our featured acts with only one album and a couple of EPs released between them (but they were all great).

#15 – Let’s Eat Grandma

We said at the time that Rosa and Jenny are two stupefyingly imaginative and creative 15 year old girls who play a multitude of instruments in a multitude of different ways at a multitude of different times within a single song. The only thing that has changed is that they are now 16. The girls are still remarkable and their talents are being recognised by a larger audience thanks to performances at Latitude and Festival No. 6 as well as features in NME and sessions on 6Music. The album is still in the works so expect to hear a lot more them both in the coming 12-18 months.

#14 – Treasureseason

It’s been a quiet year for the Norwich-London duo but fingers crossed we hear more from them soon as we are big fans of their soft synthy loveliness.

#13 – Chløë Black

It took just one song from Chløë Black to win our hearts, minds and blog love. Since then we’ve seen her play live, been treated to a number of fantastic videos and are even more convinced that big things await.

#12 – Saint Agnes

Another act for whom 2015 was relatively quiet, at least as far as new music is concerned. There were gigs a-plenty though which further enhanced their reputation as an act to get excited about.

#11 – Waterbed

It’s almost becoming a running theme but 2015 was pretty quiet with little in the way of new tunes to get excited about for Waterbed. Here’s hoping for more next year.

#10 – Daisy Victoria

Compared to the dual EP output of the year before, 2015 was fairly quiet release wise. There was a ramping up of radio coverage though, as well as headline shows and a burgeoning reputation across the blog world. There was also the stupendous “Pain of Dancer” which for our money, is the best thing Daisy has done so far.

#9 – Jagaara

Again, beyond festivals and gigs (most recently supporting Kyla la Grange) 2015 was a quiet one for the three sisters. Mind you, we saw them live in 2014 and they were superb so gigging across the country is a good thing for us as fans, hopefully there will be some more tunes to get our ears around in the coming months as well as well some shows in the New Year.

#8 – Black Honey

At last, a band for whom 2015 certainly wasn’t quiet, especially if their incendiary rawkus performance at Norwich Sound and Vision in October was anything to go by. Black Honey released new tunes, won new fans and wowed us and thousands of others with their explosive and energetic live sets.

#7 – Osca

After a couple of tunes earlier in the year, it’s been quiet since the spring. Hopefully they have been squirreled away, busily writing and recording ready for the New Year. Right guys? Guys..?

#6 – Wooden Arms

2015 was big for Wooden Arms. Not only did they follow up 2014’s gorgeous EP with their debut album, they also played a live session for Lauren Laverne on 6 Music. The collective have also been playing bigger and bigger shows across Europe and are currently working on their next full length, and we can’t wait to hear it.

#5 – Vérité

One of the few artists on our list to put some tunes out this year, Vérité put out the fantastic Sentiment EP as well as playing many shows. Some of which were in the UK, though none were in Norwich. No doubt that’s on her list for next year.

#4 – Yumi Zouma

2015 was an interesting year for Yumi Zouma. It started with some properly fantastic videos and a second superb EP which met with deserved rave reviews. After that though there was a low key departure and replacement of Kim Pflaum (so low key in fact that some publications had no idea they weren’t talking to Kim when featuring the band) but still lots of very successful shows and plaudits. As yet there has been no proper ‘post-Kim’ tunes so we can’t speak to what comes next but we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on developments.

#3 – Rag’N’Bone Man

One of the few on our list to put out some music this year, Rory Graham released the superb Disfigured EP, saw his music synced all over the place and produced one of the best gigs we saw all year. Seriously, if you have the chance to see him live, take it. All that and he is now curating his own gig nights as well.

#2 – Laurel

Having closed out last year with an EP release, it’s probably not a surprise that 2015 was fairly quiet. There was a slot at Radio One’s Big Weekend though and hopefully there will be more gorgeously evocative sounds from her in 2016.

#1 – Fickle Friends

They released an EP and wowed Norwich at Radio One’s Big Weekend (and a small pre-show the night before). In fact, so wowed were Norwich that they are coming back in 2016 (see you there) as part of their super huge mega UK tour (which we hope will coincide with an album release but we don’t know). They have also been playlisted on Radio One and put out some pretty rad videos so everything is looking set for them to build on a good 2015 to have a great 2016.