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Listen: Curxes – “Avant Guarded”

5 Dec

Curxes Avant Guarded

Having lulled us into a moment of relative calm and blissful beauty with the divine “Further Still”, Curxes have brought back the blitz and are attacking our senses from all angles.

Trailed with a series of short videos of the duo in massive Budgie heads (no, really), “Avant Guarded” has been wowing and bombarding live audiences for a while but now it gets a release of its own and none of that live energy or rawness has been lost, and it’s even more infectious.

It’s fast paced and frenetic, like a jump to hyperspace straight into the chaos of a full on space battle with lasers flying here there and everywhere. Evasive action is taken as alarms blare out, control panels flash and beep like their life depends on it, and our ship whirls, dives and barrels out of the frying pan and into the fire and off again. It’s not so much a trap as intergalactic civil war and as good as John Williams is, we can’t help but imagine this would make a fantastic soundtrack to the new Star Wars films.

As well as the frenticism and glorious cacophony of pop that is coming at us from all sides, there are some decidedly delicious moments that we can’t help but love. A little tonal change here or there to channel the band’s inner Oakey for some very Human League-esque vocals in the background, Roberta’s lead vocals still sounding like she could take down a city’s walls should she wish to; the blistering pace of the beat and electronic rhythm that doesn’t let up for a second. The whole thing is just fantastic and we can’t wait to see how it translates to a video (the concept for which you can probably guess if you watched the track preview vids).

It’s industrial and edgy but there’s still more than enough pop brilliance in there to get your groove on to and that will get stuck in your head. We’ve been whistling the tune for the last few days now, much to the delight (?) of all around us. That, perhaps, is an underrated element of Curxes music, the outright catchiness of it all, we’re yet to hear a song of theirs that didn’t get stuck in our heads and pop back up again randomly a few days later, probably in a meeting where our sudden humming of “Haunted Gold” isn’t as appreciated as much as we would have expected.

We can’t wait to see the look on people’s faces when “Avant Guarded” makes its inevitable appearance at the next all staff gathering.

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Watch – Curxes – “Further Still”

10 Apr

Curxes Owl Chum

In our original post about the otherworldly soft beauty of Curxes latest, “Further Sill”, we remarked on its subtlety, saying “It is scalpel rather than sledgehammer to the walnut of our ears”.

It turns out that we are kind of maybe Mystic Megs over here as look what’s right there in the accompanying video. Yep, scalpels! Ok, it also features taxidermy a-go-go which we didn’t mention, nor did we refer in any way to the truck load of creepy stuffed animals or the ‘Curxes as installation piece’ ending. And yes, we did talk about brightly coloured stepford-esque holiday camps which don’t feature, but cut us some slack, prophecy is not an exact science. One out of many is still pretty good right?

Ok fine, it’s rubbish and was entirely by accident but let’s not detract too much from what is an understatedly creepy video of simple beauty that perfectly matches the track. Dark without being overt and oppressive, emotional without being clumsy or hackneyed, “Further Still” is instead considered and wistful. Curxes are certainly bringing their A-game at the moment and the more we hear it, the more we love it. We can’t wait for more.

“Further Still” is available for free download here.

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Free Download – Curxes – “Further Still”

30 Mar


Showcasing their softer side, blog world favourites Curxes have kicked off their 2013 with something of a surprise. Having earned something of a reputation for their excitingly angular and industrial blitz-pop, all metallic and grindy like loads of blacksmiths at work at once, they have returned with a track that has seemingly stepped out of the forge and into the daylight. Well, not entirely.

“Further Still” begins with some operatics, but Andrea Bocelli this is not. It is more like the kind of slightly sinister opera sounds you’d have coming out over the PA during morning exercise at a Stepford holiday camp. Rictus smiles and unnecessarily bright and scary colours all around you. This lasts but a moment though before Roberta’s vocals take over and blend with the suddenly more liquid sound of Curxes. Dark, emotional and subtle, it whispers where you might expect a roar, even as the drama is ramped up it tip-toes. It is scalpel rather than sledgehammer to the walnut of our ears.

“Further Still” is available for free download here.

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