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In Session: Box of Light: “The Island”

20 Nov

Box of Light Main

Earlier this week Norwich’s own Box Of Light released their debut single, “Falling”, to the world and to commemorate the occasion we are pleased to bring you an exclusive session recording they did for us, of “The Island”.

Yes, we know that “The Island” isn’t their debut single but we’ve already shared a fantastic and intimate performance of “Falling” with you and besides, we’ve heard whispers that “The Island” will be their second single, so consider yourselves ahead of the curve on this one.

Filmed at Norwich’s newest independent record shop, Blossom Records, by the always wonderful Sessions Productions, “The Island” is filled with a similar innocent and nostalgic feeling to “Falling” and is blessed with warm light pop sounds and infectious foot-tapping rhythms. Enjoy.

”Falling” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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In Session: Box Of Light – “Falling”

19 Sep

Box of Light

We’re not sure how, but there appears to be an unspoken connection between us and Norwich’s Box Of Light that involves ‘firsts’.

For example…

We put on their first ever live gig at our first ever Alphabet Bands Presents… night earlier this year.

They played the first ever WombleStock as part of the Norwich Lanes Festival.

And today we have the first of our two session tracks from the band (well three of them at least) where they became the first band to play on the newly constructed stage at Norwich’s newest independent record store, Blossom Records.

See what we mean?

Since performing for us at Open in July the band has gone on to play gigs at the likes of the Latitude and Green Man festivals as well as numerous other shows in London and beyond. We don’t doubt that you will be hearing a lot more from this lot in the not too distant future. Mark them down in your books guys so you can say, yes, ‘I knew about them first’.

This is “Falling”, as filmed by the always amazing Sessions Productions.

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