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Boycrush – “Flirt” feat. Madeira (free download)

14 May


Much like in our last post about Meraki, today we are dealing with musical disappointment that has turned into excitement. Recently we were dismayed to learn that the wonderful Kim Pflaum had left blog favourites, Yumi Zouma meaning the divine EP II would be the last to feature her gorgeous vocals. This sad news was tempered with the knowledge that she is working on new music as Madeira. Even better is the fact that she already has something to share, in the form of guest vocals on the latest track from fellow Kiwi Alistair Deverick, aka Boycrush.

Those of you with a keen memory may recall that Boycrush has featured on the site before, collaborating with Chelsea Jade back when she was Watercolours. That was part of a split 7” and “Flirt” is the lead single from his forthcoming Girls On Top EP.

Oddly the very first thing we think of as the track opens up is the Beats International classic, “Dub Be Good To Me”. That tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty moment is fleeting though as the track quickly melts into soft synth laden funk and oh so dreamy vocals. It’s intricately woven with rhythms rippling seductively beneath the electronics and judder of guitar. It’s a lush soft focus disco full of easygoing patrons, boogying gently and happily away.

”Flirt” is taken from the ‘Girls On Top’ EP which is due for release on 27 May.

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Watercolours – “Soft Teeth”

6 Mar


In all honesty, there is something about the idea of soft teeth that we find extremely disturbing. Like some kind of horrific anxiety nightmare where all your teeth have turned to mush and you can’t eat anything or even speak properly. Thankfully this collaboration between New Zealand pair Watercolours and Boycrush (who is on production duties here) is altogether a much more pleasant reverie, a flying one perhaps.

“Soft Teeth” is taken from their split 7” (out now, details below) and on it Chelsea Jade Metcalf’s vocals drift like a daydreaming mind on a warm summer’s afternoon. Playful, wind-up toy evoking guitars are picked and tickled below as the song chimes softy, caressing you as it does so.

It’s a pink and white, soft pastel coloured swirl of a track. Creamy and delightful like marshmallows dripped in a Mr Whippy ice cream, with the soft rat-a-tat-tat drumming sprinkled all over like hundreds and thousands as your ears lap up the so sweet sounding and delicious melodies.

The Watercolours/Boycrush Split 7” is out now and available to buy here.

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