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Review: Mega Emotion – Fake Feelings EP

21 Apr

Mega Emotion Fake Feelings

Given our predilection for soft and floating synths, for delicate atmospheric sounds and haunting, emotive melodies, our simultaneous love for the cacophonous pop-energy of Mega Emotion may come as a surprise. That’s what life is all about though right? Variety and excitement; and Mega Emotion are very, very exciting.

Having blitzed us with the insanely infectious and vibrant “Brains” and then the blaring urgency of “City In Shapes”, the girl-boy-girl trio today release their debt EP, Fake Feelings and if your ears were reeling from those two songs, prepare to have them battered into glorious submission. Their frenetic combination of guitars, synths, electronics, frenzied vocals and crashing rhythms is perfectly showcased on the brash and in your face “Luck Dragon” (the surreal and marvellous video for which you can watch below).

Drag racer riffs roar and shudder, psychedelic flashes of digital colour pulsate and hypnotise as they chant away, like some distant cult of the mystical hedonists. ”The ring protects / The ring protects” they cry out. We’re not sure what it protects but it certainly isn’t your mind as that will be lost very quickly.

“Suck Gold” is a little less explosive but still full of colour and shapes. A grand bouncing ball of a beat makes its way through the city, unstoppable and destructive it frees aural prisoners as it goes. More angular riffs, more popping keys and electronic noodles and flourishes, all are liberated by the rhythm as it passes by and free to infiltrate your ears.

Each of the four tracks has pop at its very heart; the hooks are grand and undeniable and the melodies are smooth and infectious. They are just buried within this amazingly bold and powerful noise that is both jarring and scintillating. Mega Emotion is not like other bands out there, but then why would we want them to be. It’s all about the variety right?

The ‘Fake Feelings’ EP is out today and available to buy from the Mega Emotion Bandcamp page.

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2013 Tracks Of The Year – #20 – 16

9 Dec

Tracks of 2013 - 20-16

Here we go then with the second part of our Tracks of the Year countdown. After revealing the tracks that hit the spots marked 25 – 21 earlier today, it’s time to unveil the five songs that made it to the 20 – 16 places. But before we do, here’s a quick reminder of the random rules we have imposed upon ourselves.

The song doesn’t have to be an actual single and while that may seem a bit of a cheat, there’s a good reason behind it. We are looking at tracks that were released in one capacity or another over the last 12 months so that amazing album tracks will also be considered. We must note though, if a track was released online this year but will become a single next, then it won’t be included (“Anomaly” by Paper Crows fell foul of this rule for example). The only other arbitrary rule we have implemented is, one song per artist.

With that bit of admin out of the way, here are the songs we ranked from 20 – 16. Enjoy.

#20 Gems – “Medusa UN₡U₮”

We were originally going to put Gems’ “Medusa” here, but then, just a few days ago, they went and posted an uncut version of the track with an additional couple of minutes opening the track. Additional and different. The breathlessness is still there, the light as a feather monochrome beauty is still there but now the whole thing begins with something a bit more down to earth, a bit more base in tone. It’s still sparse but it doesn’t float, it is tethered to the ground, desperate to break free. These opening two minutes are like a walk through a long corridor in a stately home. Polished black and white tiles lead us to a great atrium where “Medusa” takes flight to the open sky above. It’s just wonderful.

#19 John Grant – “GMF”

He is the greatest motherfucker that we’re ever gonna meet (well, we hope to meet at least, it’s not happened yet) and on “GMF”, John Grant has no problem telling us. On an album that’s about as open and honest as it can get, “GMF” is one of many gorgeous and glorious highpoints. Introspective, self-depreciating, witty, angry, defiant, bombastic, broken, it runs a gamut of emotions while simultaneously sounding like one of the most sublime pieces of music around. The melody whispers and swirls like a solo waltz in the midst of shrapnel from a shattered and exploded relationship. Detritus lies all around, a memory here, a keepsake there, a heart still and cold discarded forlornly to one side as John stoically rises and falls through it all, bloodied but unbowed.

#18 Mononoke – “Alice”

Who Mononoke actually is, may remain a mystery for the time being but there’s nothing secretive about how sublime her debut track, “Alice” is. It’s a single tear of exquisite emotion with simple and stark chords alternating with finger clicks as the vocals caress the memories of a life that never was. It’s a beautifully haunting ballad that uses the imagery of Alice In Wonderland as a metaphor for something altogether more heart wrenching and bewitchingly beautiful.

#17 Mega Emotion – “Brains”

With their debut track, Mega Emotion announced themselves to the world with big seventies pop guitars and neo-disco basslines, brash, angular riffage and dark electro flashes. “Brains” is hyper addictive and bold, raw and powerful. The soft, cool (as the other side of the pillow) female vocals are superbly juxtaposed with the frenetic, non-stop energy of the track, and while you can’t get it out of your head, you still feel like it’s going to destroy you with its massive hooks and chaotically brilliant sound.

#16 Lorde – “Royals”

We came very late to the Lorde party this year, having somehow managed to not hear a damn thing by her until deep into autumn. We’d wondered what all the fuss was about and then, on hearing “Royals”, we got it. There have, evidently, been many arguments and discussions about her stance within the song (aspiration, envy, apathy etc) but all that is secondary to the quality of the music itself. For regardless of what else it may or may not be, or what people want it to be, it is a fantastic piece of pop. Lorde’s rich, soulful vocal resonates against the sparse beat and barely there tune. It’s bold and confident, yet restrained and understated. In fact, perfectly, it is the complete opposite of the brash in your face bombardment of the bling fuelled homogenised pop she is discussing in the song, and better than anything else that has come from those hit factories all year.

So that concludes the second part of our countdown, come back tomorrow for part three and the tracks we ranked 15 – 11.

2014 Preview: Listen Out For #15 – Mega Emotion

27 Nov

Mega Emotion

We start our look ahead at 2014 today with an act from our own Fine City of Norwich and that has just one song available online at the moment. But what a song.

The girl-boy-girl trio that is Mega Emotion melted our minds earlier this year when they released the remarkably exciting and infectious “Brains”. Full of big brash sounds, riffage and booming beats it also features soothing vocals and retro-sensibilities. It’s raw and powerful but calm and quiet too, like a circus muscle man cuddling a poodle or something.

While they are not yet online, they have more too. More songs to excite and stir the listener and send a tingle to those special places (ears, we meant ears) with each play. Were it not for sound issues during the final, they would have been crowned Next Big Thing 2013 as their performance in the semi-final had proved, and reportedly they managed to melt an amp when playing at Norwich Sound and Vision a few weeks before.

They are on tour at the moment and thankfully there have been no more tales of sound equipment that just can’t cope with their mind melting sound, yet. We’re sure there will be many more in 2014 as this band continues to grow and pick up even more radio and blog support.

”Brains” is out now and available to buy from the Mega Emotion Bandcamp page.

Stalk Mega Emotion: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Listen: Mega Emotion – “Brains”

20 Sep

Mega Emotion

You know all those preconceptions you have about sleepy Norwich? All the stereotypes you have heard about and all the objects and persons that reside within our Fine City that the rest of the world likes to rib with affectionate banter and ridicule?

Forget them. They are done. The amazing new three-piece Mega Emotion has put them away in a glass jar and smashed the ever loving piss out of it with a sledgehammer. This is the new Norwich and it’s about to blow your freaking mind.

Named after an ice-cream (that’s right, a flipping ice-cream) Mega Emotion has just the one demo online right now but if these girls and a guy can continue to create the crazy exciting and intense sounds of “Brains”, we are all in for a treat.

Seventies pop guitars and neo-disco basslines soon give way to brash, angular riffage and dark electro flashes while legwarmer wearing Zombies lumber about, hunting down their prey. Dayglo socks, global hyper-colour t-shirts and fuck-off massive shoulder pads to support the weight of their boomboxes are de-rigueur for this neon-Zombie chic as bedlam ensues all around.

“Brains” is big, bold, raw and powerful. Like the concentrated force of 100 drunken Delia Smith’s calling out the world for a rumble on the Prince of Wales Road at 3am on a Saturday, it doesn’t give a crap who comes calling. It is going to destroy you with its massive hooks and chaotically brilliant sound.

Mega Emotion, we salute you; take our brains, we won’t be needing them anymore.

”Brains” is out now and available to buy from the Mega Emotion Bandcamp page.

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