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2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Paper Crows

23 Nov

Most of the time, bands own descriptions and press releases are not much more than a hive of prosaic waffle dressed up as hyperbole and spin. Sometimes, just sometimes, they can be pretty much bang on. So it is in the case of our latest band to Listen Out For, Paper Crows. When clicking the ‘about’ section of their Facebook page you will immediately see the description; ”If Hurts, Florence & the Machine and Everything but the Girl were to collaborate in the middle of an apocalypse, they might sound like Paper Crows”.

Yeah, ok, the apocalypse bit is probably stretching things, but not by much. The music of this London based duo is dark and ominous, tumultuous and vast. The glacial, haunting vocals of Emma Panas intertwine and merge with the deeper new-romantic stylings of Duncan McDougall to the extent that, on occasion, you question which is actually the primary vocalist. It’s Emma by the way, if you were wondering.

Choruses are vast affairs, cathedral like in their grandiose, gothic sensibilities. Collectively they are open about influences and music they love so it is no surprise to hear elements of so many artists seeping through. The fantastical fragility of Kate Bush and Bjork, the wit and eloquence of Tori Amos, the dense layers of Massive Attack and particularly the sense of grand occasion so embraced by Hurts and Florence. All of which is perfectly blended with precision electronics, sharp beats and the overwhelming feeling that this is pop music at its brooding best.

The pair has already had big name support, including from Pete Tong who selected them to be the launch act for his resurrected FFRR label, and in 2012 released two fantastic EPs. First was the critically acclaimed Build and then the even better Grey Skies which contains the stunning “Pieces of Yourself”, “Queen of Light” and the Bjork-inspired cover of the Kate Bush classic, “Cloudbusting”. Best of all, Grey Skies is available for free from the band’s SoundCloud page.

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