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Listen: Sivu – “Can’t Stop Now”

28 Jan

Sivu - Cant Stop Now

He’s our number one artist to listen out for this year and was a whisker away from topping the UK Blog Sound of Poll. Rather than sit back and bask in all that glory, Sivu has already set about making 2014 his own with a brand new track and a further evolution of his music.

Continuing the expansion of sound and deeper level of production than we heard with ”I Lost Myself”, “Can’t Stop Now” adds further layers to his beguiling folky pop. It still jangles, it still winds its way along in a charming way but there is more to it, little whirring embellishments and digital flourishes that add a sense of the old fashioned into this new wave.

A scratchy cathode TV tunes in as we are welcomed into an analogue daydream, the picture slowly revealing a warm, summery backdrop for Sivu as he plays live for our enjoyment. Images of every make believe journey through space we ever took fly through our minds as he joins us on them, transported within TV picture and imagination to a world where cardboard boxes made for high tech shuttle craft and milk bottle tops made the dials. Mechanical background whooshes carry the vocals through our happy place, with its own role to play just like the cylinder vacuum cleaner played the role of attacking aliens in our childhood adventures.

It’s a step forward musically into a look back, a retro innocence punching its way into a digital universe.

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