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Free Download: All We Are – “Cardhouse”

23 Jun

There’s a thin line between madness and genius and while voluntarily choosing to spend weeks holed up in an isolated cabin, lost within the wilds of a Norwegian forest, does sound more than a tad bonkers, for All We Are, it could prove to be an inspired move.

Ostensibly from the musical hotbed of Liverpool but with a smattering of Brazilian, Irish and Norwegian nationalities in their background, this three piece found that this isolation provided more than just a quite place to work, explaining that their surroundings “rubbed off on the way some of the guitar lines actually sound, particularly in Cardhouse…”. If that is the case, expect to hear many more tales of bands disappearing into the wilderness in the near future as the result is quite something.

“Cardhouse”, lead single from the band’s brand new EP We Hunt, is a sprawling, swirling festival filling track. It has a whole military drums, folky feel to it, not dissimilar to that currently being peddled by the amazing Of Monsters And Men, but with less fantastical tales of beasts and myths. Infact, “Cardhouse” is very much more focused on the fragility of life, of love, and how quickly and easily the house of cards you have built for yourself can come tumbling down. This frailty is echoed throughout by the ethereal melodies and vocal harmonies. It really is rather lovely.

The We Hunt EP is out digitally today on Payper Tiger Records. Click for your Free Download of the wonderful “Cardhouse” and while that’s doing it’s thing, check out the video below.

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