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Listen: Architecture – “Diamond Mind”

5 Apr


Some simple maths for you today, no really it’s dead easy.

What do you get if you take one bottle of wine, add two girls (steady, that’s not where this is going), two keyboards and a guitar? If you answered anything other than ‘the beginnings of a dreamy electro-pop act from Chicago’, then I am afraid you lose and must wear the crown of shame for the next 2 minutes, or at least as long as it takes to read about Architecture and then go hit start on the soundcloud player below.

Initially comprised of Melissa Harris and Rebecca Scott, but now with added Blake Gardener to flesh out the beatage, the then duo did indeed begin life in a Chicago sunroom one evening with just those ingredients to work with. Having released an album of darkish electronic melodies in 2011, When We Were Young, Architecture are about to drop their new single, “Diamond Mind”, and it is altogether more floaty and wistful. For just under three minutes you are swept up on smooth and swoonsome harmonies and elongated synths notes. The beats are more gentle taps on the shoulder than the giving of dead arms and the whole thing is dreamy swirly loveliness. It’s like crowd surfing on teddy bears, which frankly sounds like a ridiculously good idea to us.

“Diamond Mind” will be released on 17 April on 7″ vinyl via Notes and Bolts records.

Stalk Architecture: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud / Bandcamp

Review: Secret Colours – EP3

17 Jan

There is almost something anachronistic about Secret Colours who, in this sample crazy digital age, persist in making the kind of energetic, riff heavy psych rock and pop that so delighted in the 70’s. The release of EP3 finds the band tighter and more focused than ever before, they say follow the drone, they are not wrong.

The EP kicks off with the rambunctious, attitude filled “Faust”, the video for which is just perfect. We’re not sure if there is an equivalent of onomatopoeia for music videos looking just like their songs sound, but if there is, then director Elijah Alvarado has found it. Dancing around a fire, drinking, laughing, playing with fireworks, just being teenagers without a care in the world and with plenty of snarl about them, this is exactly how the track is. If you met “Faust” down a dark alleyway at night, it would probably knee you in the balls. In a good way.

From then on things start to ease off, only gradually though, like a long walk down a very slight incline. The wailing riffs, the arrogance, the low continuous hum that rattles your bones; all remain, but the adrenalin fuelled tempo does, mercifully, drop. By the time the tender, folk infused, “Carry My Soul” and closer, “Sunny Afternoon” (a very faithful rendition of the Kinks classic) roll by, you have had time enough to revel in the fuzzy haze of Secret Colours and catch your breath, just in time to hit repeat and do it all again.

The world may well end in 2012 but this Chicago quintet has certainly got the year off to a great start.


1. “Faust”
2. “Legends of Love”
3. “Tender Pretender”
4. “Carry My Soul”
5. “Sunny Afternoon”

EP3 is out now and you can buy it either digitally or on CD from the band’s bandcamp page.