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Listen: Chlöe Howl – “This Song’s Not About You” (demo)

15 Jan

Chlöe Howl Not About You

This new demo from Chlöe Howl isn’t about us. We know why’d you think it was, given her subject is ‘gorgeous’ and ‘sexually attractive’, but it is also about someone who is incredibly vain, egotistic, self centred to the detriment of their relationship with others  and insanely narcissistic. Clearly, given that we are incredibly amazing and wonderful, it can’t be about us. Besides, she also says she was right that the mysterious subject is ‘wrong for her’ and well, we can be quite charming when we want to be actually.

All joking aside (we were joking, honest. When looking in the mirror we give a little shudder of disgust rather than a smile of satisfaction, so yeah, it’s not about us) “This Song’s Not About You” is Chlöe’s indie-pop homage to Carly Simon.

In complete contrast to the image of the perfectly coiffed and immaculately dressed subject, it’s a bit rough and ready. It’s brash and a bit rocky, a jump-up-and-down in a tight basement venue while she belts it from the front of the stage tune. Abrasive guitars jangle over knowing looks, cocked eyebrows and shaking heads as our incredulous heroine is taken aback by the length to which the subject demonstrates their self adoration.

Randomly, (worryingly?) we are minded of Patrick Bateman having eyes only for his own biceps whilst engaging in the act of coitus. Hopefully Chlöe has not been associating with a psychopathic serial killer in the name of research, though given the reputation and stereotypical view of the music industry, anything is possible.

Chlöe Howl releases her next single “Rumours” on 10 March via Columbia and you can watch the video here. UK residents can download “This Song’s Not About You” for free at Amazon for a short while.

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Watch: A bunch of video goodies

30 Dec

TV Screen

In the last few days we have returned to our normal style of blogging after the December list-o-mania and we’ve also started to re-visit some stuff that we never got round to whilst racking our brain about our various and numerous favourites (2014 Previews, Tracks, EPs and Albums of the Year). In particular there have been a bunch of new videos that have come out in recent weeks that we’ve really enjoyed and, because we aren’t quite ready to give up listing things just yet, here are four that we particularly loved. Where we have written about the songs before, we have posted links to the original posts as well, for your added enjoyment and information. We are kind like that you see.

Spring Offensive – “The River”

Oxfordshire’s Spring Offensive really seem to love water. After the dark, stirring beauty of “Not Drowning, But Waving” last year, they have released “The River” and for the video, filled a car with water before smashing in the windscreen. Because, why not? The song is fantastic, as we discussed when reviewing it earlier this year, and the video is too. Check it out below.

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Paper Crows – “Anomaly”

For a song that is infused with a sense of barely contained menace, the video for Paper Crows’ “Anomaly” may not be the big budget, explosion laden spectacle that we envisioned, but it still manages to convey a sense of danger. The skittish approach gives off a vibe of malevolence and unease and while we’d have loved a bit more destruction and hellfire raining down from above, it’s still a great video.

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Curxes – “Avant Guarded”

Budgies and pop music. We’re not sure there are many instances of the two becoming entangled in each other’s world but for “Avant Guarded”, Curxes have brought them together in a moment of surreal magnificence.

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Chlöe Howl – “Rumour”

An artist we have heard mentioned a lot, and about whom many people have spoken at length, Chlöe Howl was another of those singers we had somehow managed not to actually hear in 2013. All that changed a couple of days ago though with the release of a new video for the re-released “Rumour”, a hook laden pop attack on the senses. Vibrant and bright, this promo sees Miss Howl taking on and beating a number of hard-nosed chess bastards before ultimately turning over the grand beard at the head of the table. We have no idea what this has to do with rumours, or gossip or trying to work out how to be like oneself, but it looks amazing and the song is a little pop cracker.