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Branko – “Control” (feat. Yadi & Bert On Beats)

23 Apr


Something unusual happened to us at work the other day. The real life work we mean, where we have excellent wifi (ahem) and a very relaxed attitude to listening to headphones whilst doing whatever task we have before us that day. So, as we sat there doing our thing, striving to make the world a better place and all that, we got some tunes streaming on Soundcloud and kaboom, it was like some kind of crazy party kicking off in our ears.

Never, EVER, before have we felt compelled to stand up and start throwing our hands about like a drunkard controlled marionette before, but we almost couldn’t help ourselves. Quickly we were sending the track to friends and making other people listen. We were pressing repeat and very quickly our neck was aching from all the head nodding we had going on.

Featuring Yadi and Bert On Beats (possibly our new favourite name, ever) Branko’s “Control” is a super-bouncy, brash and bright piece of frenetic pop. Like an Arabian Robyn channelling Daft Punk, it’s compulsive, addictive. Jeez, one taste and we were hooked. We pretty much spent the evening re-upping on it time and time again. The beat is unrelenting, the bassline gripping, the hook is magnificent and Yadi’s vocals and lyrics sound wonderful. We are a bit in love with this one. It just sounds so colourful. There’s so much going on that your senses are effectively battered into submission but hey, this is totally worth giving in to.

”Control” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.