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Chløë Black – “Cruel Intentions”

1 Apr

Chloe Black

A couple of weeks ago we had the absolute pleasure of seeing Chløë Black perform in Norwich. It was a shortish set, just the six songs, and featured a solo Chløë at the keys with an electronic ‘band in a box’ backing her. It was a great set and of the six songs, only two (“27 Club” and “Runaway”) have been shared online thus far. We mention this because a) you need to know she is great live so you don’t miss any future opportunity to see her perform, b) she yesterday posted a new track online that c) isn’t one of the four ‘new’ ones she played in Norwich.

Point C is especially important because the four new tunes she did play in Norwich were each fantastic, and “Cruel Intentions” is also fantastic (as is another one of her tunes that she sometimes plays live but didn’t in Norwich but we’ve heard it anyway so trust us). All of which, alongside point A, augurs very well for her future and helps us feel assured that we were right to include Chløë in our list of artists to listen out for in 2015.

“Cruel Intentions” is based on a film, though not the one you are probably thinking of. Nope, inspiration did not come Chløës way whilst watching Sarah Michelle Geller and Ryan Philippe make Glenn Close and John Malkovitch wish they were dead just so they could turn in their graves. Instead it came from Killing Zoe, the mid-nineties cult classic about a bank job gone wrong. ”It was never meant to go this way” and ”No one was supposed to get hurt” she sings but while stimulation may have come from the movie, the song’s meaning should be transposed to a relationship rather than a bank job that has gone awry.

It is dark and emotive, stirring and heartfelt as the sombre smoky beginnings escalate into a rousing chorus. The whole thing is begging for a grand performance, backed by an orchestra and gospel choir as Chløë stands centre stage, captivating her audience. That may be some time away yet but for now, solo Chløë is, like “Cruel Intentions” and those songs performed in Norwich, fantastic.

”Cruel Intentions” features on the forthcoming ’27 Club’ EP which is due out on 26 April and is available for pre-order here.

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