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Summer Heart – “U Got All That I’m Looking 4”

20 Mar

Summer Heart U Got All I'm Looking 4

Glory be, for spring is well and truly winding up and on the cusp of being sprung. The greenery of life is beginning to show across the countryside as blooms awake from their slumber and winter’s bleak frigidity has all but thawed and been put asunder. Most importantly, evenings are getting lighter day by day and as the mercury begins to climb up into double digits on a regular basis, the time is right to break out a little Summer Heart on the stereo.

And, as if by serendipitous good fortune, here is a new offering from Mr Summer Heart himself, David Alexander. “U Got All That I’m Looking 4” blends his trademark relaxed vibes and soft, echoey vocals with a TV Girl-esque throwback indie-pop. The guitars skip and dance like dandelion fuzz on a warm evening breeze against a backdrop of a bright blue sky. There’s not a cloud to be seen as it floats along a country trail of light, intricate drum patterns and past quaint melodious villages and towns.

It is delightfully warm and happy, like children playing merrily in a park, with not a single thing to worry about. And that’s “U Got All That I’m Looking 4” and Summer Heart in a nutshell, he makes you feel like everything is right with the world and that no matter what’s going on around you, right here is bright, easy and idyllic.

“U Got All That I’m Looking 4” is due for release on 27 April.

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Listen: Summer Heart – “Beat Of Your Heart”

11 Jun

Summer Heart

We first encountered Summer Heart when he guested on one of our favourite albums of last year, the fantastic Braided Memos by Sameblod. Since then we have listened to and enjoyed his sounds on a regular basis yet oddly, not once has anything made its way to the blog. Well, all that changes now with his latest single, “Beat Of Your Heart”, which was released yesterday.

As you would imagine with an artist name like Summer Heart, the music of David Alexander is perfect for the warmer months. The sky is clear and bright and the melody tinkles like ice in a glass, condensation glistening on the outside as the cool drink battle the warm day for supremacy. Alexander’s vocals ring out like the call of a moistened finger as it glides atop the rim of a crystal wine glass before gently vibrating out into a wispy echo. Summer by name, summer by nature, you’ll want this playing out as your sunshine adventures unfurl.

“Beat Of Your Heart” is out now and available from the Summer Heart Bandcamp page.

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