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Sounds of the City: Norwich Sound & Vision – Friday 12 October Review

17 Oct

We are still on a high from the amazing three days of the Norwich Sound & Vision Festival, so much so that anyone asking us ‘how our weekend was’ is having to sit down for quite a while to take it all in. Luckily for you, you don’t have to hear it all, you can just read some.

Continuing our day by day look at the music on the festival, today we will be looking at who we saw and what we thought on Day 2, Friday.

HIGHLIGHT – Vuvuvultures
The evening kicked off with one of the performances of the festival from one of our favourite bands of the year. Singer Harmony’s shy walk on stage gave no indication of what was about to kick off as the drums thundered out and the guitars licked their surroundings. Stage presence is a gift and Harmony has it in spades, undulating, cavorting and dancing around as she captivated an audience that was rapidly swelling as word spread of the brilliance of their performance, not least from our Twitter account. We were treated to the premiere of two new tracks, both of which sounded immense alongside the infectious moshing grooveability of “Ctrl Alt Mexicans” and the sinister sexuality of “I’ll Cut You” in particular. It was a special performance from a special act.

So good was it that we would recommend them to anyone, their next show is on 1st Nov, click for details and get a ticket.

Don’t forget you can also win a signed 12” EP from the band.

Bwani Junction
Frankly, anyone would have struggled to follow the incendiary Vuvuvultures set but Bwani Junction made a pretty decent fist of it. Sitting somewhere between Bombay Bicycle Club and Vampire Weekend, their danceable tribal pop was met with enthusiasm by the large crowd still buzzing from what had gone before.

Hey Sholay
The sound of Hey Sholay has been described in many ways and that variety of opinion is understandable. There is rock, there is pop, there are synths, effects and energy, lots of energy. Guitarist Laurie strides around the stage, flailing his axe around like an impressively coiffured member of a heavy metal band. Musically they sound like the missing link between Scouting for Girls and the Arctic Monkeys but much better than that description would suggest and there is definitely something about them, though it is hard to express what, they are certainly worth checking out. Expect to hear more from them in the near future.

Palma Violets
Perhaps the buzz band of the entire festival and fresh off their appearance on the cover of the NME, Palma Violets took to the Artrocker stage in front of an eclectic crowd of frenzied fans and curious onlookers. Certainly the NME feature had drawn a lot of people who otherwise may not have been interested, keen to see what all the fuss was about. They were treated to a frantic set of jagged guitars and raw energy. Despite this, beyond the first three rows, the crowd seemed fairly disconnected, no doubt ruminating on how familiar it all sounded and even feeling a little disappointed.

Deaf Club
Our evening ended with the doleful yet subtly dancey tunes of Deaf Club up at Open. What we had anticipated as being a fairly downbeat and swaysome end to the night proved instead to be pleasantly upbeat and bouncy with a series of surprisingly poppy rhythms taking hold of the audience and compelling them to dance.

So that was our Friday. Don’t forget you can read about what we got up to on Thursday here and come back tomorrow to hear about our last night at the festival.

Vuvuvultures picture credit – Adam Shoesmith