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Blogathon: St Vincent – “Digital Witness” (video)

31 Jan

St Vincent Digital Witness

Having surprised us all with the brash psychedelic fabulousness of “Digital Witness”, St Vincent’s Annie Clark has followed it up with a suitably fantastic and Technicolor video. Looking a little bit like she has been hitting a Pet Shop Boys bong, Annie is dressed is super bold colours, matched by her synchronistic co-stars in a surrealist future landscape.

Stands to reason when you think about it.

The foot stomping beat is compounded by a string of marching men and women as repetition abounds in this odd world that seems to be under Annie’s control as she stands to one side, surveying her surroundings. Her head nodding metronomicly in time with the infectiously bright, neon sounds.

We’ve struggled to say much about it because, frankly, it speaks for itself in all its daft, bonkers, bold and brilliant glory.

We can’t wait for the new album and all signs are pointing towards utter brilliance so far.

’St Vincent’ is out on 24 February and can be pre-ordered here.

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Listen: St Vincent – “Digital Witness”

8 Jan

St Vincent

We were already pretty psyched for the new St Vincent album when we heard the skittish, discordant fabulousness that was “Birth In Reverse”, but we didn’t expect what came next, and now we are even more excited than before.

Also taken from the forthcoming eponymous album, “Digital Witness” is a psychedelic video screen of bright, spiralling, flashing colour type track; a brash foot stomping neon disco-funk type dance track. There’s some Prince flamboyance and synth exuberance in there, infectious horn sections that vibe across from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to P-Funk and back. It’s quite poppy, quite dancey, quite unerringly catchy and a little unsettling. But holy crap it is good. Just listen as the bass pumps and the guitars jumps sporadically into fuzzy life as if jerked by a defibrillator.

There are a bunch of hooks, all craving for your attention and adoration and each of them winning a little piece of you until your whole belongs to St Vincent. Keep listening, again and again, and we reckon your vision will be filled with images of lava lamps, disco lights and a flare-wearing Annie silhouette whizzing by, spinning and hypnotising you.

No, not what we expected but we bloody love it.

’St Vincent’ is out on 24 February and can be pre-ordered here.

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