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Pawws – “Give You Love”

2 May

Pawws Sugar

Debates still rage about the relative merits and disadvantages of digital or physical music. The quality of sound, the cost of production, the sense of ownership and experience, the disposable nature of music etc etc yadda yadda yadda. It’s not something we’ve bothered ourselves with really as we see the positive in all formats and buy both digital and physical releases. That said, when a new Pawws track popped up online last night, we did find ourselves cursing once aspect of digital music, it’s ability to confuse and obfuscate. Specifically, the fact that we thought we were going insane because we were certain we’d heard “Give You Love” before, but could find nothing online to support that belief.

Of course, the reason for the confusion was that the demo version of the song that was posted months ago to promote a Pawws gig had been taken down and all that was left was a nagging sense of recognition and a worry that we were going a bit doolally. Thankfully we were not going crazy, nor more than normal anyway, and with the mystery solved we were eventually able to sit back and enjoy the light and breezy pop joy that is “Give You Love”.

Mind you, we say light and breezy but the subject matter is quite heartbreaking. Within this gorgeously soft and uptempo disco-splashed pop is a desire and devotion that has slipped into near desperation. A love so overwhelming that she will be whatever he needs her to be, just so she can be with him. Friend, lover, anything. And if love isn’t on offer, if an intimate relationship isn’t available, she will wait, as long as it takes for her dream, hoping that one day it will become reality.

Such a love is a powerful and dangerous thing yet with Lucy’s sweet and dreamy vocals it almost sounds like a positive life choice. Remind us to get her to sing the next lot of bad news we have to give someone, it’ll make it all so much easier.

Pawws’ ‘Sugar’ EP is out on 16 June via Best Fit Recordsings and can be pre-ordred here on limited edition vinyl or CD. Before that, Pawws plays a show on 12 May at The Lexington in London, tickets for that are available here

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Free Download: Children Of Pop – “I Know”

21 Aug


It’s been over two years since we heard from Children Of Pop when debut (and until now only) track ”Charge” was released online. A sublime piece of ethereal, languid and laidback chillwave, “Charge” was one of the most underrated and beautiful tracks of 2011. Now the Children (child?) are back at last with a brand new tune and the sound has evolved somewhat.

The sound may have changed, but the quality has not. We were really quite excited to learn there was a new Children Of Pop tune, and that excitement soon gave way to surprise about what we were hearing, but that too was replaced by excitement once more and delight about the all round awesomeness of the track.

“I Know” isn’t so much an icy mist like its predecessor, more a stop-motion animation made from techno-coloured, retro-modelling clay. The kind of clay that pre-dated safety regulations and could send you higher than Lucy in the Sky on a quick whiff of the fumes. ”take control of your body” the song urges, but that is easier said and done. Especially as psychedelic shapes and images flashing before your eyes as the groovy guitar riffs play amongst the plasticine soundscapes, gnawing on your funky bone (the one that makes your feet tap involuntarily).

Get “I Know” as a free download below or on ‘pay what you like’ from the Children Of Pop bandcamp and let your funky bone do it’s thing.

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Watch: Ronika – “Automatic”

3 Apr

You’ve heard the track, now watch the video. Nottingham’s favourite Queen of disco pop, Ronika, has just released the video for her latest single, “Automatic”.

While the song may well conjure up images of an 80’s roller disco in your mind’s eye, the visuals are all together more surftacular. Projections of men in wet-suits riding giant waves envelope our heroine as she sings, synths, spells, poses and blows hair out of her face. It’s a beaut of a track and beaut of a video, check it out below.

“Automatic” will be released on 9 April and is available both digitally and on 7″ single

Via Popjustce

Watch: Gigamesh – “When You’re Dancing (feat. Induce)”

6 Mar

““When You’re Dancing”, in particular, is so unashamedly groovy that it doesn’t so much command you to move as hold a diamante encrusted handgun to the head of your loved ones, finger on the trigger daring you not to dance. It’s ok though, you won’t be able to say no.”

That’s what we said when discussing the lead track from Gigamesh‘s eponymous debut EP back in October. It’s nearly six months later and we haven’t changed our minds one bit. The track is still as funktastic as it was when we first heard it, and even now when it comes on we all find our heads nodding and feet tapping, almost subconsciously. The discoriffic beat has become one with our bodies.

So why are we revisiting this track right now? Because yesterday Gigamesh sent out a mailer to reveal this brand spanking new video, which is also crazy fun, and to tell the awwww-some tale of how its star was first the inspiration for the song and is now his girlfriend. Check it out below and we guarantee that ‘awwww’ will soon be replaced with ‘aw yeah’ as you get down and shake your groove-thang.

Listen: Ronika – “Automatic”

1 Mar

Break out the glitterball, dust off your roller skates and grab your neon sweatbands and global hyper colour t-shirts; everyone’s favourite disco diva Ronika is back. Yet again she has brought with her a little droplet of 80’s kitsch and a bucketload of euphoric, funktastic discopop.

Written and produced by the lady herself, it is a glorious, utterly groovy little track. Once you’ve heard it, you can’t help but feel your day is a little bit brighter than before.

“Automatic”, which you can stream below, will be released on 9 April and is available both digitally and on 7″ single