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Watch: Summer Camp – “Losing My Mind”

28 Feb

Here at Alphabet Bands, we are somewhat susceptible to the undeniable charm and understated eccentricity of Summer Camp. Their debut album, Welcome To Condale featured at No.7 in our albums of 2011 countdown and we also featured their last video; the gif-tastic “Down”.

Yesterday they released another fabulous, clever and quirky video, this time for “Losing My Mind” (one of the many highlights of the album). Set in a photo studio, our heroes play the role of a couple about to undergo a schism, all the while surrounded by an array of characters posing and performing for the camera.

Check it out, we love it.

Watch: Summer Camp’s New Video – “Down”

25 Oct

There is something undeniably charming about Summer Camp, the English indie-electro duo made up of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey just exude warmth and tenderness. Even when Elizabeth sings that she is “Better Off Without You”, it still feels gentle and affectionate.

Their new video, for the track “Down” (which you can watch below), is a prime example of just how downright delightful this pair are. It is comprised of 50 individual .gif files, each played on repeat, from a Halloween themed party and like the pair themselves, it’s simply enchanting.

The band’s debut album, Welcome To Condale is out on Monday and you can pre-order a copy from their Pledge Music site. As well as the album, you can buy such wonders as a batch of brownies made by Elizabeth, a one-hour DJ set by the band at a London based house party, and even Jeremy’s spangly jumpsuit!

This may sound a bit gimmicky but the duo have used this method to fund the production of the album, give their fans the opportunity to own something unique and also to support a good cause, as this excerpt from the site illustrates.

A percentage of the proceeds from this pre-release campaign will be donated to a charity called Shelter From The Storm. It’s a homeless shelter in London – the only one which is open all year round and receives no help from the government. They do incredible work helping the most vulnerable people in London.

All this, and the music is damn fine too. In our opinion, the world would be a much nicer place if there more bands like Summer Camp around.