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Dive In – “Eighteen”

2 Apr

Dive In

Considering our very British obsession with the weather, it has been quite some time since we last mentioned the various changes in climate, conditions and temperature. Thankfully Glastonbury based trio Dive In are here to bring us back into the world of meteorological references with the title track from their forthcoming EP, “Eighteen”.

If, like us, you have recently been battered and buffeted by gale force winds, lashed by torrential and horizontal rainstorms, bombarded with hailstones and generally set upon with a wrathful vengeance by Mother Nature, Dive In could be just what you need.

Like a blitzkrieg of light blasting through the leaden skies, “Eighteen” is a funfair of high-octane melodies, helter skelter beats and whizzing walzter electronics. It is eye squintingly bright and euphoric, all summer sun and festival ready. Which is particularly appropriate, given that the band say the song was inspired by watching the preparations for their home village’s mega famous musical extravaganza.

Who knows, if they keep making tunes as uplifting as “Eighteen” they could be performing there themselves soon.

”Eighteen” will feature on the forthcoming EP of the same name, due for release on 25 May via Vagrant.

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Tigers Are Bad For Horses – “I.V. (Poisoned)”

20 Jan

Tigers Are Bad For Horses

Sometimes a band comes along offering more than just great music, they offer insights, knowledge, advice or similar. Which is what we have with the Washington D.C. based duo of Mellen Funke and Lyell Roeder who, as well as some seriously wonderful electro-pop have, through their band name, provided some good advice and wildlife knowledge; Tigers Are Bad For Horses. It’s pretty self-evident when you think about it, possibly not the most insightful titbit we’ll hear all year but worth knowing none-the-less.

Much more worth knowing however is their brand new tune, “I.V’ (Poisoned)”. Don’t worry, you won’t get ill listening to it, the only infectious thing here mind you is the hook, but your finger will probably come down with a bad case of repeat-button-pressing-itis.

There are flashes, cold stark flashes, of mid-90’s William Orbit in the production and warmer, soothing traces of London Grammar in the vocals and arrangement but “I.V…” is all Tigers Are Bad For Horses. The pair has come from varying musical backgrounds encompassing scoring films, folk and jazz, to make gorgeous and multi-layered electro-pop.

It begins with a cool emptiness, like an open snowy plain, empty save for the slight ripple of synths blown across the wasteland with digital snaps and pops for company. Then the chorus kicks in and rather than a snowstorm we get a bright and warm rainfall of fireflies, keys tumbling from the sky as Mellen’s vocals reach up to meet them. There is a wobble, a magnificent wobble as the temperatures collide, melting the tune down into a fleeting moment of piano ballad before the fireflies win out and the sounds cascade once more.

There is an EP on the way this year apparently so keep your ears and eyes open for more from this cracking new duo.

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Premiere: Kites – “Orwell Knows”

1 Dec


Back in the early days of Alphabet Bands, one of the emerging artists we championed was London based electro-fop-pop combo, Kites. And by championed, we mean featured fairly extensively at the time. By the end of 2011 they were gathering good momentum and despite a quietish 2012 they kept on growing their fanbase, improving their live act and increasing their blog coverage. It got to the stage where the firework had been lit and we were all waiting for the big, colourful explosion of light and sound that would make us go ‘ooooooooooh’. We even included them in our tips for 2013, everything was set and then…


The firework fizzled out and, as we were all taught, everyone walked away from it, including, it seemed, the band members themselves.

Silence was in abundance where once there had been delightfully erudite, lyrically dextrous and danceable pop music.

Until now.

Yep, after nearly two long years of tumbleweed the Kites ensemble have dusted off their performing clothes, pulled the keyboard out from its box at the back of the garage and shared a new song.

Except, this isn’t really a new song and this isn’t really a return. To paraphrase revered philosopher LL Cool J, we can’t call this a comeback, because it isn’t one. It’s the thing Kites never got to say when they vanished, goodbye.

For those of us who had wondered where they went and what happened, for those of us who wanted closure, Kites have returned to put the lid properly on the box and bid us adieu.

Evidently the real world stepped out of the shadows, swept them up into its dark embrace and took them with it. Fortunately they have escaped its clutches just long enough to re-master what they had planned to be their first single of 2013 and instead has become their final single of ever, “Orwell Knows”.

Its four and a half minutes represents everything that made us love Kites in the first place. Infectious and upbeat in sound, Matthew sings like a performance poet, rhymes skipping off his tongue like a Wildean travelling salesman, exciting us with his patter and drawing us in enraptured by whatever he has to say. What he is saying, literally, is goodbye and it is, alas, what we too must say.

So, goodbye Kites, we know it can never be, but at least we got to share these last moments together, and we’ll always have the Scala.

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Avec Sans – “All Of Time” (free download)

21 Aug

Avec Sans

Recently we heard our taste on the blog described as ‘mostly attractive women with floaty vocals’, which we can completely get behind. That’s not to say we don’t like other styles of music, of course we do, and we post them often. Now is not one of those times though as one of our favourite duos, Avec Sans, has returned with another gorgeous tune of pop loveliness; a tune which just happens to feature an attractive woman with floaty vocals. Hey, we likes what we likes.

Offered as a free download (via their Facebook page – link below) “All Of Time” is a welcome return for one of acts to listen out for this year and as divine as anything they have done to date. Alice’s vocals are both breathy and crystal smooth, floating over skittish and infectious rhythms and synth lines that skip along the line marked chart-friendly and super-chic. It swirls and dances, jumps and spins, euphoric in sound and sensibility yet is twinged with melancholy, which are pretty much the ideal ingredients for the perfect pop song.

The video is below, we love it but then, you knew we would…

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Ghosts In Daylight – “Paper Heart” (video)

28 Apr

Ghosts In Daylight

There are a number of things that we here at Alphabet Bands are suckers for, one is dreamy electro pop with floaty melodies and another is a slightly weird looking and well made video. Come to us with either of those and there’s a reasonable chance that we will like what you’ve got and want to feature you. Come to us with both of those and well, you’re pretty much a shoe in. As if to prove our own point, today we are bringing you a kind of freaky looking video for a soft and mellifluous slice of dreampop from newcomers, Ghosts In Daylight.

Taken from their debut EP of the same name, “Paper Heart” is four minutes of smooth synths and delicate, probing vocals from Meme Love that swirl around your mind like some kind of wispy magic. They entice and ensnare the listener just as the videos subject is lured and captivated by the mysterious heart faced woman. Seriously.

Shot by Anna Calvi collaborator Emma Nathan, the video is a wonderfully dark, surreal and bewitching smorgasbord of fantastical elements; stop-motion, live action, reverse shots and a wickedly enigmatic character. Its low luminosity perfectly complements the smooth electronics on a track that somehow manages to feel quite vintage yet very modern. It’s pop music with an elegantly cinematic vibe that nudges, probes, ebbs and flows. It drifts effortlessly into your consciousness where it will rest and remain for the days to come, the vocals caressing your weary angst ridden mind into a sense of ease and calm. Even if it then seeks to take over your body and make you hers.

Honestly, if you ever see a heart faced woman around, don’t let her play ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ with a rose anywhere near you. It’s for your own good.

”Paper Heart” is taken from the debut Ghosts in Daylight EP of the same name which is out today and available on a ‘pay what you like’ deal via Bandcamp.

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