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Sinephro – “Rosier”

30 Jan

Soft, stark, elegant and beguiling. The debut solo outing from Sinephro is three minutes of understated monochromatic electronic beauty.

Having collaborated with the likes of Blanda (on the seductive and warped jazz infused electro ”Relief”) in the past, Belgian singer/composer/producer Clara Sinephro has stepped out on her own with the utterly mesmeric “Rosier”.

The composition is stunning, layer upon layer of sound is woven together with precision and care. The melody trickles gently over the smooth echoes of the rhythm. Keys build like the sun rising over the horizon, lighting new elements as it does. Strings flicker, piano lines twinkle, harmonies twist and entwine as one and all the while, Clara’s soft vocal floats through “Rosier” like a mist.

As well as bewitching us with this stunning piece of electronica, Sinephro is currently working on a jazz album and there are definitely jazz elements at play here. The structured free-form nature of the arrangement, the blending of disparate sounds into one gorgeous whole, this is an artist who knows exactly what she is trying to do and how she wants to do it.

Soulful, smooth, cool and warm at the same time, with “Rosier” Sinephro has stepped forward and shown herself to be an artist well worth keeping an ear out for in the future.

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‘D’ is for… Ginny Dix

22 Jun

The second entrant into our Alphabet Bands class of 2017 is something of a special moment for us. Special because it involves someone who has become a big friend of the site over the last couple of years, someone we have seen evolve and improve exponentially and someone who we believe is just so incredibly talented.

Our first encounter with Ginny Dix came about when the indie-rock band she was fronting at the time, Freyr, reached the final of Norwich’s Next Big Thing competition. It was clear then that she was good and the band put on a cracking show to much acclaim. Guitar based thrashing out was not to be in her future though and her Freyr tenure would soon end.

From then on she has set out to find herself as a solo artist. Collaborations and study have followed and in the last 18months or so it feels like the real Ginny is coming through. Not only that, but each new release, each new show, everything is showing her development, her growing confidence and improvement. Her latest track, “Grow”, is a further example of how damn exciting and accomplished she is becoming.

The soft, ebbing electronics and the beautiful, heartfelt vocals entwine to create a gorgeous, mellifluous track that is both soothing and deeply emotive. There is a Shura-esque vibe to the 80s influenced synth lines and heartfelt vocals that is simply divine and as the bassline kicks in you will want to sway gently in time. It’s delicately infectious, with a melody and chorus that will run through your head for days. It’s accompanying coming of age – kids in the 80s going on an adventure – video is absolutely note perfect for the song.

Elsewhere “Woman” further showcases the heart and depth of Ginny’s songwriting as well as the emotive and delicate soulfulness of her vocal. It is so fragile yet so beautiful, it is exactly the sort of thing that filmmakers should be using to underscore any majorly emotional moment. It’s the sort of song that tears flow to. Similarly, the elegant piano arrangement of “Run Away” and Ginny’s vocal make it an eyes-closed-head-swaying listen.

Her voice is beautiful, her songwriting is heartfelt and sincere, her compositions and arrangements are gorgeous. Her development over the last couple of years has been incredible and if she keeps going there is no limit to what she could achieve. Keep your ears and eyes open, Ginny Dix could well be a name you hear a lot more of in the future. For now, we are delighted to welcome her as a member of the Alphabet Bands class of 2017.

”Grow” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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Rude – “Sapphire”

2 Mar

Rude - Sapphire

Previously, Birmingham based mystery producer / band / thing, Rude, has dazzled us with frenzied drums and vibrant technicolour electronics, such as those found on previous track ”Heartbreaker”. While that Tasmanian Devil of a tune kicks off Rude’s debut EP, Winter, the remaining three tracks are more subdued and heartfelt in tone.

Take “Sapphire” for example. It’s subtle and elegant like a Japanese Fan Dance; the electronic melody swirls effortlessly making stylish patterns, punctuated with cool digital beats. It’s graceful and gentle, a gradual slow burn of emotion and realisation encased in crystalline production that eventually picks up the tempo. Ultimately the guitar steps in and behoves a blur of movement as the dance heightens and reaches its climax.

Alongside “Sapphire” the aptly named “Icecold” chills and trickles softly and there are idiosyncrasies within the EP as well; little nuances and segues that further show there is much more to Rude than the video game freneticism of “Heartbreaker”.

”Sapphire” features on the debut Rude EP, ‘Winter’, which is out now via Love By Mistake and is available to buy on iTunes.

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Isovert – “Fade” (ΛYLΛ & Sorcha Richardson’s vocal mix)

16 Jan

Isovert Fade Vocal Mix

The confessions and apologies are coming thick and fast here at AB HQ right now. After last week holding our hands up about not posting the White Fever EP, today we must throw ourselves on our sword and beg forgiveness from Con Vos. We totally forgot their rather wonderful EP Cocoon Bloom when compiling our end of year list which was an oversight. To say sorry, we would like to point readers in this direction where they can buy said wonderful EP.

For those of you wondering why we were compelled to issue this public apology whilst not writing about Con Vos, the answer resides in the vocals. Cocoon Bloom features the rather luxurious and beautiful voice of Brooklyn based Irish singer, Sorcha Richardson, who has just teamed up with electronic producer ΛYLΛ on a sublime re-work of “Fade” by another electronic producer, Isovert. Still with us? Good.

Isovert’s original track (also streaming below) is lovely enough but ΛYLΛ has smoothed it out still further, muted it somewhat and covered the whole thing with dry ice. Richardson’s vocals are as stunning as always and while she may have started out as a folk singer, the move into electronica (ambient and otherwise) suits her perfectly. She sings with a wispy, ethereal and angelic quality, her voice floating serenely above the still mist of digital beats and melody.

It’s gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite etc etc. Listen to it tonight, sit down with a cool drink of something, put your feet up and let all your cares and worries wash away with the downtempo perfection of this new “Fade”. You’ll be glad you did.

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Doing something different: Introducing – Morpheme Records

5 Jan

Morpheme cropped

For quite some time now we’ve had a hankering for something, an eagerness to do something more than just write about music but to support bands in other ways. We’ve dabbled with gig promotion but the one thing that we always thought we be a lot of fun and exciting, would be to set up a record label. It’s an idea we’ve played around with for quite some time if we’re honest but it was only late last year when we finally thought, ‘yeah, let’s do it’.

And so Morpheme Records is born.

We want to use it to support artists we love beyond just posting about them and getting them on to Hype Machine. So it stands to reason that our first artist is one we have loved and supported for a while now (and it helps that he’s a local lad) Harry Edwards. We first encountered Harry in the summer of 2013 and by the autumn we’d played him on Amazing Radio and asked him to play our stage at Norwich Sound & Vision festival. He told us his live set up needed more work before he could join us but then, about a year later, we saw his first ever gig and were even more blown away. It was then that we knew the label was on the way and that Harry would be our first artist.

Harry Edwards

His most recent release, and the first to be taken from his forthcoming EP, “Almost Everybody” (stream below) is a fascinating and exciting amalgamation of styles and genres. It moves like a dream, effortlessly from one seemingly unconnected place to another, soulful electronica bleeds into dark hip-hop beats, to sparse galaxial synths and on to sharp, spikey judders of sound, back to hip hop all the time slipping in momentary glimpses of a fragile piano ballad.

Musical experimentation is something he excels at. Previous tracks include the superb ”Lesser”, which sounds like the biologically impossible progeny of a glorious one night ménage á trois between Frank Ocean, James Blake and Justin Timberlake is dark and hypnotic, music for the late night and the underground club where the magic happens. He’s also released the gloriously atmospheric and soft ”The Only Thing You See” which was featured as Lauren Laverne’s Headphone Moment recently.


For our second artist we went a little bit further afield; well a lot further afield actually, to Australia. Harry introduced us to Sydney based MK Grands and we instantly knew we wanted him to join the fold. Producer – songwriter Dan Cartisano’s brand new track (released today – stream below) “Visionary IX” is a stupefying composition of brooding atmospheric electronica. It begins with very Battlestar Galactica-esque chimes (the new, excellent version) that are echoed throughout. In fact, it’s a bit like walking through the deserted hold of a giant sci-fi spaceship as the melody and crushed digital beats unfurl before you. The synths and electronic cascades and flourishes are like the exploration of this vast deserted craft, all shiny metal and dark shadows.

We’re extremely excited about this new venture and genuinely believe the artists we are working with are exceptional talents. We hope you agree and look forward to sharing the fun of the journey, and some superb new music, with you along the way.


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