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Review: Milly Hirst – Milly Hirst EP

12 Nov

Becoming an overnight success can often take much longer than we might appreciate. It is possible that, after years and years of hard work and gigging, Milly Hirst could have wondered if it would ever happen. Now, after the release of a live EP, Equator, earlier in the year and radio play from Gideon Coe on 6Music, it must feel like everything is happening all at once. To top it all off she has just released her debut studio EP, the eponymous Milly Hirst.

Blessed with a voice that is soft as a mother’s touch, yet rich and emotive, this young singer from Norwich has the capacity to melt hearts with her beguiling folk songs. The minimalist nature of the arrangements belies their complex musical dexterity, complementing the tone and content of each song. On “Tides” for example, the backing vocals murmur and hum like the sea caressing the beach and gently fading away once more. Each track has been considered, crafted with a care and attention oft forgotten with the increased prominence of music making software packages. Each brush on a drum, pluck of guitar string or draw of bow on violin is done so to add meaning.

Hirst sings with her soul, of love, longing, pain, melancholy and joy. Its close your eyes and sing-along as it washes over you music. “Rose”, in particular, is sublime. As delicate as its subject, wistful and heartfelt it leads you, floating to meet this Rose, to see her and understand her. Its porcelain fragility is divine.

It may have taken a number of years for her to get to this point, but with this debut EP, Milly Hirst has announced herself as an enchanting new talent whose music deserves to be fallen in love with.

The Milly Hirst EP is out now on Bare Feet Records and is available on her href=”http://millyhirst.co.uk/” target=””_new””>Bandcamp page.

Stalk Milly Hist: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter

Competition: Win a signed Alice Jemima CD

30 Oct

If you don’t already know the name Alice Jemima (and after our review you really should) then pay attention because it is only a matter of time before everyone else does. Just last week the still-so-young-it-makes-us-jealous singer-songwriter from Devon was up London recording a session for Radio 1. That’s the BBC, AKA the big leagues.

She released her debut EP just a few weeks ago and, because she is such a lovely person, she gave us a signed copy on CD (yes, we know it looks like it is on vinyl, it’s supposed to and yes, it fooled us too) to give away as a competition prize to one lucky reader.

So what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this exclusive prize? Just answer this simple (and we mean simple) question:

What is the name of the first track on the All The Boyfriends EP?

Send your answer to alphabetbands@gmail.com with the subject line Alice Jemima Competition.

UPDATE: The correct answer was All The Boyfriends

Congratulations to Stewart Power who wins the signed EP.

Keep your eyes open for more contests in the future!

UK Premiere: Mercies – This Is Not About Control EP

3 Apr

Remember Stout Cortez? We featured his most recent, Illuminator produced, single a couple of weeks ago. Well the man behind the cosmic ‘avant electronic indie pop’ is back, but this time Justin Hunter Scott is rocking out as the bassist for the much more earthbound Mercies and Alphabet Bands is pleased to present the UK premiere of their latest EP, This Is Not About Control.

Accompanied by the guitar sounds and vocals of John Russell and the skin thumping skills of Ezra Finney, this three piece from Washington DC, described themselves to us as being “heavily influenced by post punk”. Makes sense, the indie rock showcased on this, their second EP, is discordant and intimidating in places, harmonious and undeniably infectious in others. Indeed, title track “This Is Not About Control” encapsulates all such qualities has no right to be as catchy as it is.

All three tracks have a raw and gritty energy and you can’t help but see the band rocking the hell out in your mind as you listen. We bet live shows are an absolute blast. If you like your indie rock a little rough and ready, you’ll love this.

If you like This Is Not About Control”, why not pick up their debut EP for the bargain price of just $1?

In Review: Vuvuvultures – “VVV EP”

19 Mar

Making a play for both the best band name and best song title of the year is London four piece, Vuvuvultures. After establishing a strong reputation on our capitol’s live circuit and evolving from a previous incarnation that was devoid of a real live drummer, their debut EP, VVV, was released last week on Popular Recordings/PIAS. Even based just on the ridiculously catchy, brilliant and wonderfully named lead track, “Ctrl Alt Mexicans” (which you can stream below) expectations are high.

Suffering from acute Schizophrenia, “Ctrl Alt Mexicans” sets the tone for this multi-stylistic EP perfectly. Jittery, fractious guitars jump and scuttle about while the beat pounds, pounds, pounds relentlessly underneath and the bassline growls. Ultimately, one of the most compulsive pop hooks we’ve heard this year gives way to a grand art-punk finale and with less than 3 minutes on the clock, we are away to “Safe Skin”.

Only slightly less addictive than “Ctrl Alt Mexicans”, “Safe Skin” treads a more contemporary electro-indie path. Occasionally it wonders off into the woods before running back, grinning, arms laden with delicious synth fruits and a chorus for a disenchanted youth, “You find yourself stuck again in/the middle of nowhere”. The schizophrenic feeling remains constant and contradiction is once again embraced with “Pills Week”, a hyperactive, psychotic synth heavy, indie anthem and closer “I’ll Cut You”, a slow burning, grinding howl of a song.

It may only be four songs long, but VVV manages to cram in more ideas and styles than most full lengths releases these days. It’s a cracking debut and well worth checking out.

VVV is out now digitally and a physical release of the EP is also available, which you can buy here.

“Ctrl Alt Mexicans”

Listen: Models Can’t Fuck – Move To Iceland EP

7 Oct

If this mini-review seems a little late, (the EP came out in September) it’s because we’ve spent ages wracking our brains, trying to think of something, other than Goulash, that comes from Hungary. Try as we might, we couldn’t think of anything, but thankfully it’s no longer an issue as we now have the dangerously titled Models Can’t Fuck to add to the list.

MCF’s Move To Iceland EP comprises three tracks of wondrously dreamy and ever-so-slightly psychedelic, low-fi electronic pop music. Árpi Szarvas, the man behind the band, accurately describes the sound as folktronica. Light and melodic, these songs will make you feel all lovely and fuzzy inside and have you booking a ticket to Hungary for goulash and MCF before you know it.

You can stream the EP below and if you like what you hear, and you will, head over to the Models Can’t Fuck Bandcamp site for a free download.