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In Review: Florrie – Late

18 Jul

With what promises to be her final self-funded, self-released offering before going Major, Florrie has once again given us a glimpse into why she could become the most exciting young pop star in the UK.

Following on from last year’s excellent Experiments EP, the four tracks showcased on Late pick up where their predecessor left off. While they may not reach the catchy-as-you-like heights attained by “Begging You” (one of the best straight-up pop songs of the last few years), they ramp up the dance factor and blow your disco socks off with their energy. Taking a leaf from Robyn’s playbook (a fantastic place to start for any aspiring popstar let’s be honest), they deal with love lost and found, with a little bit of sex thrown in for good measure.

“I’m Gonna Get You Back” veers into attitude filled pop-rock territory, driving guitars matching the determination of the lyrics even if her target, redemption or revenge in love, is left to our own interpretation. “Every Inch” sounds like it’s going to be some sort of downtrodden, morose soft-rock monstrosity, or (heaven forbid) the theme to Hollyoaks, but before panic has a chance to set in the track breaks down and erupts like a volcano of molten club-friendly disco, so frenetic it melts the face off any who dares get too near.

It may have been subconscious, but Florrie has clearly chosen to go hard for her independent finale and she has succeeded in creating a high-octane, full-on pop banger.

Late is available now on CD and vinyl from the Florrie Shop or digitally on iTunes

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