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Listen: Blank Maps – “Thousands” & “Madridista”

22 Nov

Blank Maps Thousands

It’s a bittersweet moment on the site today as we share a couple of new tunes from a band we’ve featured a few times before and said had the ‘potential to be your new favourite synth-pop band’. Alas ‘had’ is the operative word here because every silver lining has a cloud and after three years, Newcastle four-piece Blanks Maps have called it a day. They played their last gig on Wednesday evening (and by all accounts tore the house down) then quietly slipped “Thousands” and “Madridista” out into the world as a farewell offering.

It’s a great goodbye as well. Unsurprisingly, under the circumstances, both tracks are less euphoric, less ‘throw your arms wide and cry out in delight’ than their predecessors but they are still both rather lovely. “Thousands” is gently defiant, head held high in understated pride within cascading rhythms and bold melodies, almost as if it is saying ‘we may be down, but this isn’t the end’. We hope that’s true.

As far as we know, ‘Madridista’ is a term commonly used to describe fans and followers of Real Madrid FC but within the second of Blank Maps’ two goodbye tunes, we found no mention of Cristiano Ronaldo, Galcticos or their obsessive quest for a tenth European title. Despite this, it would make an awesome soundtrack to an end of year review video, the gradual build echoing the anticipation of a new season as the stadium fills and the players step out. Then the action, swift flashes of skill mirror flashes of synth lines and beats, tackles crunch and shots rain in as the pace quickens and guitars twinkle like toes controlling the ball. The slower moments are a backdrop to anguish, to self doubt and disappointment before it all kicks back in as adversity is overcome and victory is achieved.

Or it could just be a love song to the city itself, we don’t know. What we do know is that we will miss Blank Maps and wish them all luck in their future endeavours.

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Listen: Blank Maps – “Lucky Dip”

9 Sep

Blank Maps Lucky Dip

Earlier this year we featured an act who, along with Waylayers, have the potential to be your new favourite synth-pop band. Newcastle’s Blank Maps had us (metaphorically) standing in a field, arms flung wide as we were spun round by the fantastic “Everything Ends”. Now they are back and while field spinning season may be coming to an end, there is still plenty of fun to be had with their latest single, “Lucky Dip”.

Beginning with some very Foals-ian guitar picks, the song soon breaks out into a horizon filling mass of synths and cymbal crashes. Like an instrumental pick ‘n’ mix, the tune is full of differing flavours and textures. The instruments sparkle and fizz together like popping candy for your ears while its softer, pastel moments are marshmallows, all squidgy and delicious. The whole thing tingles like a sherbet dip, leaving a tangy sensation that is made even better by the froth of the shaken can of Rola Cola melody that quenches your thirst and leaves you ready to go in for another handful of sweetie goodness.

”Lucky Dip” is released on 14 October and is available digitally and on 7” vinyl from Tiny Lights Recordings.

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Free Download: Blank Maps – “Everything Ends”

31 Jan

Blank Maps

With Delphic moving off into a new musical direction (well about seven or eight directions to be fair) there is space in our heart for a vibrant, exciting synth based indie-dance act. Enter stage North-East then Blank Maps, for your time is now.

The four-piece from Newcastle has been kicking around since 2010, picking up plaudits and radio play here and there and are now about to release their official debut single, “Everything Ends”. Out on 4 March, it is everything we love about the indie-dance genre.

“Everything Ends” is head thrown back, arms spread wide, spinning around in a field music. Spinning and spinning as the vastness of space opens out above you; the stars shining brightly to match the euphoric lightness that is welling up within you. Pulsating synths, big atmospheric melodies that are full of colour, driving beats to get our uncoordinated and frankly embarrassing groove on to, it’s all there.

This level of awesomeness isn’t limited to “Everything Ends” either and we heartily recommend digging through the band’s soundcloud profile for more gems, once you’ve clicked that button and claimed your free download that is. Go on then, what are you waiting for?

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