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Exclusive Stream: Look, Stranger! Remixes Kites

1 May

In our head, that’s exactly what Look, Stranger!’s Thom Thumb was shouting repeatedly as he cut up and re-tooled Kites latest single, “This Jumped Up Boy In Livery”. His fist no doubt pumping the air repeatedly in euphoria as the track slowly ceased to be the intoxicatingly introspective synth concoction of the original and instead took on a kind of dark house vibe, peppered with light jazz piano, trance and even what sounds like a smidgen of UK garage (remember that?).

In fact that transformation is evident within the remix itself as slowly the vocals fade and become less prominent within the track, giving way instead to the keys and the almost Cut/Copy-esque percussion.

It’s not what we expected at all but quite frankly, that just makes us love it more. Take a listen to our exclusive stream below and tell us what you think.

The original, which you can hear on the Kites Soundcloud page (or follow the link below to read what we said when it was first made available online) will be officially released at the end of May. Keep your eye out for the video as well, which is coming soon.

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With thanks to Merrington Music Management for providing the track.