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Explorers – “Strangers”

14 Sep


Like seemingly most of the world, I’ve been engrossed by the incredible Stranger Things. The show is just superb and the nostalgic element adds a wonderful layer that people of a certain age (me) can really relate to and enjoy.

I mention this because listening to Explorers gives the same kind of buzz. Not the tense and fearing for your life kind of feeling, the warm nostalgic glow and enjoyment of something new yet so familiar. I’ve been a big fan of the musical outpourings from Jeremy Dennis and Robert Bannister for some years now and each time they release something new I am never left feeling anything less than delighted.

Since they were last featured a couple of years ago they have released “Numbers” (streaming below and sounding deliciously new-wave) and more recently “Strangers”.

Now, it might just be that I have only recently watched Stranger Things that is leading this cognitive connection between song and tv show, and of course there is that whole word association thing going on as well. But I could imagine a fairly awesome Stranger Things music video being soundtracked by “Strangers”. Lots of shots of the kids biking through the woods, chase scenes, close ups of our protagonists looking worried and the like. It could just be me.

Taken from their oft-trailed forthcoming debut album, “Strangers” is brilliantly Explorers. Retro synths dance and jump along with the digital crash of drums as it explodes into colourful, blurred round the edges, neon life. There are elements of Chvrches in there as the lights flicker, controlled by Will from the Upside Down no doubt (sorry, I’ll stop) and the tempo quickens into this bright, full-of-life-summer-dance-banger.

It’s hands in the air frivolity that just keeps bouncing. Now, about that album…

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Explorers – “We All Run”

12 Aug


Chesterfield’s Explorers have become something of a favourite on the blog in recent years with their big, energetic synth sounds flicking many of our oversized neon switches. While we wait patiently for their debut album we’re pleased that Jeremy Dennis and Robert Bannister are still slipping the odd tune out here and there to keep us ticking over.

Latest single “We All Run” is typically bold and bright, oozing optimism from every pore. We love how they create music that is full of vibrant energy that makes you feel like you are flying. Previous track ”Radar” was like a jet plane and “We All Run” is like we’d imagine having superpowers to be like. Turning, swooping, whooshing effortlessly through the air before dropping down to the ground and running faster than a speeding bullet, the melodious wind in our hair as our feet tap out the rhythm. The sun shines brightly on the horizon, calling us to it as we run deliriously, feeling invincible and ecstatic.

It’s a perfect summer tune and only makes us that more impatient for the album.

”We All Run” is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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Explorers – “Radar”

3 May

Explorers Radar

When we last featured Chesterfield’s Explorers last October they did warn us it would be a little while before we heard from them again. The usually prolific nostalgic pop-culture loving duo of Jeremy Dennis and Robert Bannister were planning on taking time out to work on a debut album. Seven months later and they haven’t tipped us the wink on its progress or potential arrival, but they have shared new track “Radar” and it is, as you’d expect, a fantastically energetic piece of retro-electro.

In a way, Explorers are like Strangers‘ long lost brothers, the DNA is the same but their environment and upbringing was very different. Where Strangers seek a shadowy path of the day to day, love, lust and relationships, Explorers reach into the past and go on grand adventures of imagination, reminiscence and yes, relationships.

“Radar” is like a fighter jet streaking across the vast American desserts, in and out of the Grand canyon, swooping and barrel rolling as the synths swoosh and quickfire bursts of a digitised beat blast out. The vocals are wisps of cloud cover, the electronic embellishments the call of a radar, desperately trying to track this magnificent beast. It’s upbeat, uplifting energy and high octane effervescence though makes it an impossibility and the track is left to soar and play.

”Radar” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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Premiere: Explorers – “eighty eight”

24 Oct

Explorers Eighty Eight

Having enjoyed the synth-pop sounds of Chesterfield’s Explorers for some time, we finally got round to writing about them back in August when we posted about their last track, ”Talking To Your Ghost”. It was a gloriously 80’s loving piece of eletro-pop, crafted by a duo whose adoration for the decade of big hair, great kids TV and super synth sounds is worn proudly on the sleeve of their global-hyper-colour t-shirts.

Having taken their name from their favourite movie of that era, Jeremy Dennis and Robert Bannister continue to travel back in time to those halcyon days with their latest tune, “eighty eight” (not to be confused with Eye Emma Jedi’s similarly nostalgia twinged, but less synthy,“88”), which we are delighted to be premiering below.

For those of us of a certain age, perhaps moving out of the summer of our youth, listening to “eighty eight” instantly transports us back to a simpler time and a feeling of warmth and joy. Back then a tablet was something your Gran had when she started acting funny at dinner, not a shiny piece of touch screen technology. iPad’s? Where we’re going, we don’t need iPads…

This is, they tell us, the first time they have ever written for female vocals (the track features Beccy Jones) and in adding this new element; they have created another layer of smooth sonic wistfulness. Previously, these intrepid Explorers have soared high, streaking across the night sky across the universe and beyond. Here the adventure feels more down to earth but no less imaginative or exciting. The new worlds are the ditches and fields out past the garden and into the line of trees where fantastical stories unfold in our minds.

Opening with those wonderful synthwave sounds they do so well, the ones which are all Top of The Pops, stonewashed denim jackets and original line-up Going Live. The song races along to the beat like a DeLorean racing back to 1985, a montage of classic 80’s adventure movies playing as it does.

Having released a few singles over the summer period, the guys say this will be their last release for a little while as they work on their debut album. We can’t wait to hear it but for now, we’re happy to leave tyre tracks of fire on the road as we hit 88. Enjoy.

”Eighty Eight” is released today and available to buy on iTunes.

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Listen: Explorers – “Talking To Your Ghost”

16 Aug

Explorers Your Ghost

Chesterfield’s Explorers is a band we’ve been enjoying and meaning to write about since their Souvenirs EP came out last year. Purveyors of shamelessly big, 80’s infused electro-pop, the duo of Jeremy Dennis and Robert Bannister tend to look beyond the earth-bound world and instead reach out beyond into the great unknown of the universe. They streak out into space, exploring the cosmos in their synthwave rocket ship, no doubt enjoying a little weightless boogying as they go.

Their latest track, “Talking To Your Ghost”, continues the theme with its little disco-y groove and feeling of sonic powered warmth. For those of us at a certain age it will take you to that happy place when you wistfully remember the 80s, day-glo shoelaces, trippy kids TV shows that made little actual sense, and Memorex cassette tapes. It skips along like girls playing double dutch in the playground while the boys kick a tennis ball around them trying not to get caught amongst the ropes.

Their nostalgic, happy-go-lucky feel is a Choose Your Own Adventure along a memory lane bedecked with synthy neon accessories and vibrant, danceable pop music that’ll have you grinning and grooving the summer away.

”Talking To Your Ghost” is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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