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Eyelid Kid – “Sleeps Well On Knives”

4 Aug

Eyelid Kid

Generally speaking, Monday morning is a time when the human race wishes the world would just do one and leave it be. With a few exceptions, as a species we are often overtired, discombobulated and resentful of the onset of the working week. We can be confused and clumsy, not focused and full of small but annoying mistakes and mishaps. We mention this because this morning, as we stumble about with eyes half shut and a head made of granite, we are confused. Confused and uncertain but not, it must be said, unpleasantly so.

This morning as our own eyelids wear heavily on our face, we are enjoying the sounds of mysterious beat combo, Eyelid Kid. A band from Nowhereville, USA (somewhere in Southern California apparently) who have like to keep themselves very much to themselves, like to wear a live octopus in lieu of a jacket and don’t even venture out onto the internet beyond Soundcloud and Bandcamp. ‘But aside from not knowing a thing about them, why are you all confused and such?’ we (pretend to) hear you ask. Because of the music, because of their latest track “Sleeps Well On Knives” (which may well be a cure for the Monday morning misery come to think of it).

According to the secretive frontman of the secretive band, the track has an atmosphere of pure despair (in the first half at least), a sense of stress and anxiety. Yet for us, and we have always believed we were wired incorrectly; it feels relaxed, elegant and calm. It floats easily along and drifts warmly like an easy evening with friends, soft, chilled and soothing.

So you can understand our problem and our confusion, we love the tune and its sublime tranquil nature, but it’s not supposed to have one. It’s supposed to be subtly tumultuous and disconcerting. Just like a Monday morning. We should probably go back to bed, but before we do, one last listen of this cracking tune.

”Sleeps Well On Knives” is available as a free download via their Bandcamp page.