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Watch: Pevin Kinel – “Fake ppl”

16 Apr

When we last encountered Pevin Kinel it was with his lively, Mr Scruff esque, instrumental track “Dusty”. At the time, as well as enjoying the song, we noted that his forthcoming album, Syntactic Sugar, (which is due out 5 June) would be preceded by another single and video. As well as being a very gifted multi-instrumentalist, Mr. Kinel is also a man of his word and has just made new track, “Fake ppl” available online.

According to his always entertaining website, the video is “based on a true story, retrac(ing) the steps of the default user picture of myspace and facebook as they grow older and start hitting the bottle” and it features some of the most seamless, state of the art CGI work you will ever see. We love it.

Musically, “Fake ppl” is a soft ride. An easy on the ear and quite hypnotic psuedo-folk track. We especially like the jangling of a “relatively small set of keys”. Check out the video below and tell us what you think.

Fake ppl – Pevin Kinel from pevinkinel on Vimeo.

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