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Stargazy – “Golden Hour”

26 Apr

Stargazy Golden Hour

When last we encountered the upwards cosmic contemplators, Stargazy they were getting all chic and trendy with a new love of ”The Fashion”. It was a time of great change for the Brooklyn sextet as not only were they donning some new sonic threads, they’d also just sunk their previous aquatic moniker, Fishdoctor. Whilst we still think that was a shame (we do love quirky and fun band names), they’ve moved on and frankly, it’s about time we did too.

So, off into this new golden age we shall wander with the gang, and off into a “Golden Hour” in fact as that (handily) is the name of the new Stargazy song. Suitably there is a very sunsety feel to it as well, deep orange, red and golden hues are found in the atmospheric and hazy indie sounds. The vocals are soft and echoey, like they could reach out across a grand plain and touch the souls of everyone for miles around. The guitars shimmer as well as jangle, like heat haze on the horizon as the last few drops of sunlight fades out of view. It ripples and wobbles with a mild fuzziness that just makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

“Golden Hour” is a warm and familiar piece of gentle indie rock that will stir a feeling of nostalgia within the hearts of people a certain age (like us) and give younger listeners plenty to fall for.

”Golden Hour” is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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Stargazy – “The Fashion”

20 Mar


Everyone is entitled to a career change or four in their life should they wish. The days of a job for life have largely been consigned to the pages of history as the workforce take advantage of blurred lines between employment sectors and enjoy a variety of roles and responsibilities in their working life.

We mention this as a Brooklyn six-piece have recently done just that as a burgeoning career in aquatic veterinary services has been jettisoned for one in astronomy instead. Where once they were a Fishdoctor, they are now instead Stargazy.

Ok, so in reality they have simply undergone a name change but we do really like the idea that they were once actual real life Fishdoctors…

Anyway, for their first release with their new cosmic moniker the sextet have released “The Fashion”, a stirring piece of indie-pop that begins with a little folk-rock jangle and expands out into a sprawling mass of rich, guitar and drum driven textures. The fuzzy, late summer evening sound of their previous life has evolved into a big infectious mass of driving riffs and rhythms and there is something comforting and familiar about the whole thing. It has a kind of everyman-indie feel to it, and we mean that in a good way, with its grand chorus and subtle 90s vibe.

“The Fashion” builds slowly and the arrangement expands and contracts, like the sun trying to break through a dark storm, it pushes its way out only to be forced back again as the wind brings more cloud cover. Then, as the song build and builds, the clouds are broken and frayed and the Sun bursts through, a pillar of light, vocals and warped guitar licks shining down from above.

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Free Download: Fishdoctor – “Seasons”

23 Aug


First things first, Fishdoctor is great name; for anything really, TV Show, Movie, Art Installation, Play, Aquatic profession and of course, for a band. Which is where this six-piece from Brooklyn come in, for they are Fishdoctor and as far as we know, they have never cupped a goldfish and asked it to cough. They do make pretty great alt-indie-pop tunes though, with their latest being “Seasons”.

Like time-lapse footage of clouds in the sky, “Seasons” moves and changes with, well, the seasons. Moments of brightness, calmness, coolness and lushness all live briefly within the five minutes of the tune, but it is the haziness of the late summer, early autumn evening in which it resides most. It pulses like a heartbeat, pumping fuzzy indie sounds out into the warm indigo sky above. Michael Rommano’s vocals are suitably retro in feel to complement the vague throwback-pop sensibility of the tune and it feels like the aural equivalent of ‘found-footage’ Which is ironic really as Fishdoctor has also just released a new video for previous single, “Atlantic”, which makes use of that very visual style. You can watch it here.

In the meantime, you can get your free download of the wonderful “Seasons” from the player below and no doubt keep it on repeat as summer gives way to autumn.

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