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Florrie – “Seashells” (video)

8 Mar

Florrie Seashells

We, like many other sites, have been writing about and loving Florrie for a while now, and like Del and Rodney, we’ve often found ourselves saying of her, ‘this time next year…’ The promise has always been there, the quality has always been there but for some reason or another, despite cracking pop tune after cracking pop tune, a growing army of fans and chart success across Europe, the top floor always seemed to be a few more stairs away.

This year though, this year just feels different. There’s an EP, Sirens, coming in April and an album to follow later in the year. There was talk a while ago about a major label deal and while we don’t know if that has come off or not, Warner Chappell are certainly being much more vocal about her than before and there is a sense that things are about to happen.

Leading the charge this year is “Seashells” and it signals a slight change of musical sound for Florrie as well. Drawing on eastern influences it opens like a lotus flower and you are immediately clapped in the face with Bollywood. Bhangra beats dance along barefoot, swirling and twisting, creating a street party of energy and colour for the vocal to be carried off upon. The sound isn’t the only difference, there’s a new logo, which is featured prominently in the video for “Seashells” (which you can watch below) and the video itself has a different feel to it.

The colours are bright and swirl with the sounds, yet it feels a tad more serious than we are used to, more focused. The signs are all there, Florrie has got her game face on and 2014 finally looks to be the year for her. Here’s hoping.

The ‘Sirens’ EP is due for release on 27 April and can be pre-ordered here.

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Listen Out For – 2013 Previews Roundup

27 Nov

Listen Out for... 2013 Previews Round Up

Last year we stuck our neck on the proverbial line and named 15 acts that we loved and thought would go on to do something in 2013. We didn’t say unequivocally that these bands were going to go on and rule the music world or anything, not even we could be that bold, but we think they were certainly talented to step up a level and do even better than they already were.

Some did just that, a couple – not so much. Before we start to look at acts we love who we think/hope will continue to grow and become bigger in 2014, let’s take a look back at those fabled 15 and have a squizz at what they got up to in the last 12 months.

15. Polaroid 85

Polaroid 85 Escapist

If asked, and we have been (albeit by ourselves) to judge the year Polaroid 85 had, we’d say it had been a quietly successful one. A few live session videos helped whet the appetite for their second EP release, Escapist which came out on Reel Me Records and of which we said, ”layers of sound entwine and dance together as one; orchestral arrangements, jazz flourishes, drum and bass, glitchy electronica, breakbeats, trip-hop; all live a symbiotic existence to produce cool, swirling marbled soundscapes.” and there was radio play aplenty as well. Next up, an album? Here’s hoping.

14. Waylayers


Waylayers are, in our humble opinion, poised for something big next year. A lot, and we mean a lot, of ground work was done in 2013 with the band performing at 20 or so festivals, including an appearance headlining our stage at Norwich Sound and Vision, travelling all over the country and across the world, picking up critical acclaim and big name support along the way. Their Fault Lines EP, was a minor success here in the UK but hit the Billboard Top 100 and the iTunes Top 50 in the US. Unsurprisingly there is likely to be a reasonable amount of focus on America in the Waylayers camp next year but their infectious and properly atmospheric synth pop should see their fellow Brits catching on to them soon enough as well.

13. Kites


Errr, yeah. We’re not sure what happened here to be honest. 2012 started strongly and Kites seemed on the precipice of breaking through, then nothing happened. We’ve heard whispers that there could be news on the horizon so we’ll see what’s next, but the almost total disappearance of Kites in 2013 was not something we predicted at all.

12. Vuvuvultures

VVV Deaf - Thoughts

Not only did the VVV gang play the debut Alphabet Bands Presents… show back in July (which was no doubt the highlight of their year – ahem) but they also saw their profile rise and rise across the months. The year is culminating with the release of “Your Thoughts Are A Plague” and “Deaf Epic” on a double A-side 7”, a new video for “Empurrar/Puxar” and a headline UK tour. Before that there was radio play coming out of their Appliance, the creation of their own imprint which meant they finally got to use Energy Snake as a name for something, and of course, a fantastic debut album that perfectly showcased the analogue meets digital world they inhabit, with brilliantly catchy tunes and dark themes.

11. Paper Crows

Paper Crows

2013 was a quiet-ish year for Paper Crows but one that could be leading to a big 2014. There were gigs and guest spots and one fantastic free download, “White Noise”, but more exciting was the release online of “Anomaly”. A dark and menacing track overflowing with strength and the overwhelming sense of a coming evil from below, it will be their first single release of 2014 and one we hope will signal the start of some very big things indeed for the duo.

10. Rhye

Rhye - Woman

Undoubtedly, one of our high points of 2013 was watching Rhye play in the candlelit surroundings of St. Giles in the Fields Church. A performance that not only captivated all those in attendance with its subtlety and elegance, but that also provided the best improvised lyrical response to faulty sound kit we heard all year. This followed the release of a gorgeous debut album that will probably feature on number of end of year lists and preceded a number of festival performances, even more critical acclaim and even a solo album from the androgynously voiced Mike Milosh.

9. Spring Offensive

Spring Offensive1

Another band who have had an openly quiet-ish year, but whose feet have no doubt been swishing crazy swan like under the water. There were a couple of singles, the fantastic and innovative video for ”No Assets” and a bunch of shows, but as the year draws to a close, it is clearly all about 2014 and the release of the debut Spring Offensive album, Young Animal Hearts. An album that was fully funded within 10 days of a very impressive Pledge Music campaign and that we are very very much looking forward to.

8. Alice Jemima

Alice Jemima1

Another of our tipped artists who went on to have a quiet year, Alice started it with a BBC Radio 1 session (that was recorded in 2012) and then put up a fantastic cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”. There were support slots with the likes of Valerie June but also a lot of silence; silence with good reason though as we have heard on the grapevine that things continue to look up in Miss Jemima’s world and that we should start to hear more from her ( a lot more we think) in 2014.

7. Daughter


The trio of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella released their debut album, If You Leave in March and watched it hit the UK Top 20 and receive much critical acclaim. There have been sold out shows a-plenty and an unexpected (and unwarranted) overlooking from the Mercury Music Prize judges as Daughter have continued on their steady upward trend. There is a UK tour to end the year and then perhaps some new songs to come in 2014.

6. Haim

Haim Days Gone By

It was a fairly quiet year for the three sisters from LA with not much happening or being achieved really. Just topping both the BBC and Blog Sound of 2013 polls, releasing a couple of great EPs, a Number one album, sold out tours across the globe, bassface becoming a phenomenon and festival appearances all over summer including Glastonbury. Yep, fairly quiet all things considered.

5. Seasfire


After a storming end to 2012, which included a rapid rise to the top of the Hype Machine chart and a plethora of blog love, the Seasfire gents had a relatively calm and quiet 2013. There were a couple of singles and a few shows but generally speaking they were quite reclusive. Here’s hoping it’s in readiness for a big 2014.

4. Florrie


After telling us she was ready to sign with a major label in Spring last year, we were getting ready for a full-on Florrie assault on the music world in 2013, sadly (apart from the Sony sponsored “Live A Little” in April) it didn’t quite materialise but there are reasons for optimism the coming months. Work is continuing on her debut album and the new tracks she debuted at her headline KOKO show proved our excitement is not misplaced. Blending the best of pop’s heritage with her Xenomania education, the likes of “Stupid Boy” are sounding like her best work yet. Maybe we just went a year too soon, maybe 2014 will be the year of Florrie after all.

3. Ms Mr

MS MR Hurricane

Seeing Ms Mr blow the roof off the Norwich Waterfront was one of our gig highlights of the year and gave us a sneak peek of the delights that their debut album would provide later in the year. Purveyors of the finest tumblr-glitch-pop around, we love the Addams Family of brilliantly dark and danceable tunes and our excitement for the last season of Game Of Thrones was accentuated further when the trailer commenced with the opening moments of “Bones”. A perfect sync if ever there was one. Lizzy and Max have had a stellar year, achieved a truck load and will no doubt be ready and raring to kick on and knock 2014 for a loop as well. Oh, and we got to go see them play in Norwich again this week as well. Good times.

2. The Good Natured

The Good Natured Lovers

2013 wasn’t kind to The Good Natured. A reasonable start with quality singles and an album on the way soon fell apart when they got dropped from their label and lost all their music. They explained at the time:

A few months ago we were dropped from our record label. Our album has been shelved. Over this time we have been trying to get our masters back so that we can release Prism, however, it has not been possible.

To say we are devastated is an understatement. Believe us when we say we have tried everything possible to get our album to you. Sometimes life gives you lemons and you gotta make lemonade. When one door closes another opens.
You have to pick yourself up, be bigger, be stronger. For The Good Natured it is the end of the road, but it’s safe to say there is something better around the corner.

Evidently they are working hard on new material and teaching themselves more about production etc to maintain greater control over their own music and direction. Fingers crossed we get to hear something new from them in 2014.

1. Public Service Broadcasting

PSB Night Mail Video

What a year it’s been for the esteemed gentlemen of Public Service Broadcasting. As we’ve noted numerous times, they never seem to stop and are certainly reaping the rewards from such a diligent work ethic. There’s been a couple of singles, one Record Store Day exclusive, videos (one which actually featured the guys themselves) a free download here and there, two tracks in Dutch to celebrate the world’s largest ice skating race (because why not right?), tea-towels, a superb album, two AIM award nominations, a never-ending tour across every corner of the UK and beyond that sold out pretty much everywhere, including the Forum up London (and from the pictures we’ve seen the new live set looks gorgeous as well) AND they played out the end of year highlights package on the BBC’s Formula One coverage with a fabulous hybrid of “Signal 30” and “Everest”. Not too shabby for a couple of guys in corduroy.

Free Download: Florrie – “Live A Little”

4 Apr

Florrie New

She was in the top five of our artists to listen out for in 2013, she has been seemingly on the cusp of breaking out for ages and now, after announcing in May last year that she was finally signing for a major label, Florrie is back. With an unofficial release that is being used in an advertising campaign.

It’s not exactly what we were expecting either.

Still, that’s not to say it’s not another corker of a pop tune. We honestly doubt she can write anything less than a great tune and “Live A Little” is a great tune. Big brash horn sounds complement her lively, bouncing dance inducing drumming. It’s a jump around the living room like a toddler tune, pure infectious fun and energy, even if the subject matter is a tad more mature than that. “We gotta live a little, be naughty but nice/Just to give a little/A freak show show let’s live a little/I’m gonna get what I want, so give a little”, she sings.

We’re not sure who it is who needs to give a little but we think he should bloody well hurry up and get on with it. Florrie has never seemed like someone who wouldn’t get what they want, especially when in such a feisty and fired up mood.

As mentioned, “Live A Little” was recorded for use in an advertising campaign. Sony in-ear headphones to be precise, which is why the video is full of continuity bothering close-ups of Florrie’s ears and other body parts where headphones tend to dangle when not in ears. The video also features multiple Florries marching, dancing, clapping, drumming and strumming away all at once. At one point we counted no fewer than seven Florries on screen at once, which I think we can all agree is about 3.5 more Florries than any red-blooded male or female could handle at any one time.

While we ponder on that some more, and no doubt leave you doing the same, take a watch of the video below and then click here for a free download of the track itself.

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2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Florrie

4 Dec


We’ve been writing about Florrie for a while now. Our love of her hook laden electro-pop with 60’s stylings pre-dates even Alphabet Bands as you know it today. In fact, we first featured her while we were still writing in American English (just never use the letter ‘u’) for our good friends at 411 Mania. So you could argue that her presence on a list like this is long overdue, and you’d be half right.

The stage has seemed set for the one-time house drummer for Xenomania to step up and conquer the pop world for a while now. Regular and positive support, led by the likes of Popjustice, her own enthusiasm and, of course, the quality of her tunes, has seen her profile rise. She has featured prominently on iTunes charts across the world and regularly plays to large, sell-out crowds in Europe and beyond.

Famously her method has always been to work her way, to give her music away for free or for as cheaply as possible and to use her side projects (modelling for example) to fund her music. That probably helped in creating an initial connection with fans, but it did leave us wondering what would come next and when. In May this year everything changed as Florrie announced that, having steadfastly refused thus far, she was signing with a major label. Now the stage is truly set for her.

She is, without question, incredibly talented and makes fantastic pop music. Add in her model looks and she has what the industry would no doubt refer to as ‘the total package’. With the backing from a major, there is no reason at all why she cannot reach the kind of heights that require breathing equipment on arrival. We love her music and by the end of 2013, we fully expect to be just one of millions of people who do.

You can buy Florrie’s EP’s on CD and vinyl from the Florrie Shop or digitally on iTunes.

Stalk Florrie: Website / Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

In Review: Florrie – Late

18 Jul

With what promises to be her final self-funded, self-released offering before going Major, Florrie has once again given us a glimpse into why she could become the most exciting young pop star in the UK.

Following on from last year’s excellent Experiments EP, the four tracks showcased on Late pick up where their predecessor left off. While they may not reach the catchy-as-you-like heights attained by “Begging You” (one of the best straight-up pop songs of the last few years), they ramp up the dance factor and blow your disco socks off with their energy. Taking a leaf from Robyn’s playbook (a fantastic place to start for any aspiring popstar let’s be honest), they deal with love lost and found, with a little bit of sex thrown in for good measure.

“I’m Gonna Get You Back” veers into attitude filled pop-rock territory, driving guitars matching the determination of the lyrics even if her target, redemption or revenge in love, is left to our own interpretation. “Every Inch” sounds like it’s going to be some sort of downtrodden, morose soft-rock monstrosity, or (heaven forbid) the theme to Hollyoaks, but before panic has a chance to set in the track breaks down and erupts like a volcano of molten club-friendly disco, so frenetic it melts the face off any who dares get too near.

It may have been subconscious, but Florrie has clearly chosen to go hard for her independent finale and she has succeeded in creating a high-octane, full-on pop banger.

Late is available now on CD and vinyl from the Florrie Shop or digitally on iTunes

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