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Kêta – “Find Me”

22 Oct


The world works in mysterious ways and we do love how it often sends us serendipitous coincidences and joins the dots from various points to another. For example, this morning we shared a song Chelsea Jade called “Find Me” and now we have another song, this time by Indiana-born prodigy, Kêta, also called “Find Me”. What are the chances? As if that wasn’t enough, we also referenced Oh Land in our Chelsea Jade post and guess what? Tomorrow we’ll be posting the new Oh Land video. Seriously, it’s almost like this was all planned out but really, we’re not capable of that level of organisation so this is all the Universe at work.

Enough mystical babbling, we’re here to talk about Kêta who, you may or may not already know, is a 16 year old wunderkind making waves across the states right now. Her recent debut EP, Generation Call, blends electronic arrangements, folky honesty and pop based catchiness across its four tracks, of which, “Find Me” is one.

It combines that kind of country-folk-pop sounds that would have the fictional Rayna James wetting her knickers with excitement and that would leave the patrons of The Bluebird in raptures. Yeah, we like Nashville and we don’t care who knows it.

Her voice is pillow soft and as comforting as your warm, cosy bed on a dark winter’s day. The guitar dances lightly as a butterfly’s kiss as the melody floats like fireflies on the night sky. It is a song that feels like wonderment, like fantasy and magic yet is built on a foundation of the reality of life and all its yearning hopefulness. “Find Me” is delicate and beautiful and it’s no wonder she is already causing quite the stir.

”Find Me” is taken from the ‘Generation Call’ EP which is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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Roxanne de Bastion – “Seeing You”

15 Sep

roxanne de bastion

We thought we’d treat you to a little change of pace now after the bright and uptempo infectiousness of Fickle Friends this morning. As the afternoon ebbs away and the streetlights begin to flicker and hum with life, we thought we’d take things down a notch with some gorgeous folkly melodies and gentleness courtesy of Roxanne de Bastion.

Taken from her new EP (out on 26 Sept via Hidden Trail Records) title track “Seeing You” flickers with 60’s folk sensibilities and evokes elements of musical theatre. Her vocals float effortlessly from honey-dewed beauty to spoken word and ripples of olde worlde troubadour storytelling. It’s rich and full of deep textures that reveal themselves gradually as you listen, another layer, another line of melody to draw you into the tale. It’s quite lovely with just the right twinge of quirkiness to endear itself to us even more.

Should she be new to you, Roxanne was born in Berlin and spent much of her youth flitting between England and Germany before ultimately plumping for London. Gigs and song–writing followed, there was a debut album and next week there will be the EP (it too is lovely).

She is currently on a mini-tour to help promote it and the remaining dates can be found under the Soundcloud player. Most importantly for Norwich based folk music lovers (and we know there are many of you), her tour includes a stop at The Birdcage on Wednesday 17 September. Support comes from Norwich’s own Mari Joyce and Brighton based Ellie Ford (both of whom are also wonderful) and tickets are available here. We’ll see you there.

Roxanne de Bastion mini-tour
15 September, LONDON – The Finsbury
16 September, BRIGHTON – Otherplace at Bar Broadway
17 September, NORWICH – The Birdcage

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She Drew The Gun – “Time Machine”

22 Aug

She Drew The Gun

Sitting, as we do, at the very cutting edge of new music, it is our pleasure to bring to you a song that is well over a year old from an EP that was released eight months ago. Mind you, this blog is all about new music that we love and given the track has had little over 500 plays on soundcloud we figure that as well as being new to us, it is probably new to you as well. Besides, the song is bloody lovely so how old it is doesn’t matter.

She Drew The Gun is the brainchild of Liverpool based Louisa Roach and the track we can’t get enough of is the sublime “Time Machine”. Elegantly simple, her vocals melt dreamily over a refined guitar arrangement, occasional icy shimmers twinkle in the background but this is all about her voice.

There are sweet lullaby feelings to her folky sounds; sincere and emotionally open, she sings like a storyteller tells tales. The lyrics draw you in, singing of changing the past, regret, love and loss, it’s the sort of song that would enrapture an audience and render them silent as they listen. It is charming and moving, like Milly Hirst performing with Box of Light, and we don’t care how old it is, it’s beautiful and well worth falling in love with.

”Time Machine” is taken from the ‘SDTG’ EP which is out now and available to buy here.

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Frett – “Milk”

4 May

Frett Milk

Ahh Sunday mornings. The traditional and perfect time to unwind the world and give into relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and soul. A lie in, a cup of tea in bed, no hustle, no bustle, just quiet and soothing. Sadly with two alphabet bands nippers running riot each and every morning Sunday calm is something of a long forgotten eventuality, a pipe dream. That doesn’t mean there can’t ever be moments of peace and when there are, we’d quite like them to be soundtracked by Frett.

We first featured the Suffolk duo of Simon Lucas-Hughes and Elliott Buckle a few weeks back when we posted the kind of odd but great video for the wistful electronic atmospherics of ”Porcelain”. Now they are back with some more wistful electronic atmospherics but (so far) no odd video in the shape of “Milk”.

More understated than “Porcelain”, “Milk” treads carefully, making deliberate and considered footprints as it makes its way through the muddy countryside. As it begins, a distant digital bell chimes out in the distance before the beat begins its walk, a squall of guitars, synths and drums crashes in momentarily before fading. The dark brooding of a summer thunderstorm edging closer but never quite hitting as the journey continues.

Despite that, “Milk” remains calm, soothing and gentle. Perfect for a moment of quiet on a grey Sunday morning.

”Milk” features on Frett’s forthcoming ’EP3’ which is due for release on 12 May and can be pre-ordered here.

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Silences – “Emma”

24 Apr


After the post-dance house vibes of Delphic and the frenetic, colourful energy of Branko, Yadi and Bert On Beats yesterday, we thought we’d calm things down a little on the site today. What better way to do that, we thought, than with the sublime indie-folk sounds of Silences and the gorgeously understated “Emma”.

Often beauty is found in simplicity and that is certainly the case here. Led by singer/songwriter Conchúr White, this five-piece from Co. Armagh has crafted something that is remarkably sincere and elegant. The arrangement of guitar strings and piano keys, blessed with Conchúr’s soft, smokey vocals is just heavenly. It’s soothing, a balm for the chaos and frenzy of the day to day. You can feel your heart rate dropping as you listen, stress and worry washes away as you are taken by the hand to a solitary cabin in the midst of the Irish countryside. Not a soul to be found for miles around and you just sit and watch as dusk draws in and the world comes to a standstill.

There are no unnecessary flourishes; there are no embellishments or digital wizardry on show here. It is just uncomplicated, honest songwriting and gorgeous sounds performed by quality musicians. Simple it may be, but it’s beautiful and refreshing as well.

”Emma” is taken from the ‘Nevernames’ EP which is out now and available from the Silences Bandcamp page or iTunes.

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