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Watch: Foxes – “Let Go For Tonight”

6 Jan


As 2014 starts to get going, and as people start to return to work properly after a break over Christmas, thoughts are turning to what the year has in store in music. We, like many others, have talked about artists we are looking forward to hearing more from in the next 12 months already, and one act we didn’t mention but really should have is Foxes.

That’s not because we don’t think she’ll have a big year, quite the opposite in fact. In our defence, the main reason we didn’t include the alter ego of Louisa Rose Allen was simply because she already feels to us like a full-on, proper and established pop star. We managed to catch her set at Norwich Sound & Vision and she was absolutely fabulous. It was the performance of a supremely confident and talented young lady who we don’t doubt should become massive. Her songs are steeped in melancholy but sound anything but, spiralling ever up-wards like a crazy reverse helter skelter, reaching higher and higher to the brightness above, leaving the darkness behind.

Her latest video, for “Let Go For Tonight”, is a perfect example. Pale, chalky looking foodstuffs sit untouched before a room of people, all silent and all looking straight ahead. Then the inevitable happens and the food begins to fly. As it is flung across the room, colour explodes everywhere which makes us quite glad no-one ever got the chance to eat it, the amount of artificial colourings and e-numbers in it must have been ridiculous. Anyway, it, like her music, is vibrant and full of fun. We’ve never been in a food fight and until now, we’ve never really been tempted. Though if we did get into one, we’d make sure we weren’t wearing those old plastic Kanye glasses. They may make you look cool, but they won’t do a thing to protect you when paint filled paper cups start coming your way. Lesson learned right there.

The song is, as you would expect from Foxes, more than a little catchy and somewhat euphoric. There is a big jump up and down chorus and that kind of desire to keep playing it that makes the repeat button get worn out pretty quickly. On a Monday morning, you can’t really ask for much more to get you going and put a spring in your step. Just watch out for flying food and cups of paint as you go.

”Let Go For Tonight” is out on 23 February and can be pre-ordered here. Foxes debut album, ‘Glorious’, is out on 3 March and can be pre-ordered here.

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Norwich Sound & Vision: Day 3 – Gig Preview

12 Oct

So here we are, the final day of what has already been an amazing festival of new music across our Fine City. This year’s Norwich Sound and Vision Festival has already surpassed itself and honestly, the best is yet to come as tonight’s gig bill is stacked. Deciding where to go and who to see won’t be easy tonight as there is so much going on, hopefully our final gig preview will make things a little easier.

NSV13 Saturday Alphabet Bands

Day 3 – Saturday
The last day of the festival is quite frankly an absolute doozy with blog favourites and white-hot acts everywhere you look. Not least at our own Alphabet Bands Showcase at Olives where Curxes (19:45), Strangers (20:30) and Waylayers (21:20) will be bringing the electro-heavy, synthy goodness for everyone to fall in love with. Non-festival attendees can come join in the fantasticness for a mere £3 on the door by the way, that’s £1 per band which is just an unbeatable bargain really. Just saying.

NSV13 Saturday1

If we weren’t at Olives on Saturday we would be spoilt for choice for what else to attend and would quite probably spontaneously combust while trying to work out where to go. Ok, so strictly speaking that isn’t true as we would most likely be at Open for most of the night as The Line of Best Fit and ASL Records have combined to put on the second best bill of the entire festival (after our own of course). Fabienne (20:00) will get things started before Crushed Beaks (20:45), the wonderful and enchanting Pawws (21:30) and the brilliant (and going to be big next year, mark our words) Sivu (22:15) ramp things up still further. If that wasn’t enough, Clare Maguire (23:00) will be playing her first gig in two years as well. Pretty great line-up isn’t it?

That’s not all though, down at the Waterfront the super exciting AlunaGeorge will be playing with support from one of our favourite live acts this year, (times tbc). We saw MØ play at The Great Escape earlier this year and were taken aback by the quality of her live show, we highly recommend it (but only if you’re not coming to our showcase, obviously).

Saturday night at The Birdcage sees the turn of Norwich’s own Gravy Records as curators and they will be hosting our new favourite local band, Mega Emotion (19:30) as well as Shrines (20:15), Bad Grammar (21:00), the currently-gathering-lots-of-attention Jake Hart (21:45) and Sisters (22:30).

Over at the Arts Centre, the spiritual drawing of the festival curtain will occur when Foxes (23:00) finishes her headline set having been preceded by Big Deal (22:00) and the former Kabeedies, Keep Up (21:00). In the bar, those infectious music lovers from The Rider podcast are playing host to plethora of great acts including Baltic Fleet and Tom Robinson, yes, that Tom Robinson.

We say spiritual curtain by the way because the music doesn’t actually stop there and over at Epic a night of DJ magnificence will be topped off by the fantastic DJ Cheeba whom we have seen before and who was just amazing. If you have any energy left at this point, it’s worth heading over to catch his set.

Where we’ll be:
A total no-brainer this one as we will obviously be at Olives hosting the best three-act bill of the festival with Curxes< Strangers and Waylayers. We hope you can come and join us for what promises to be a superb evening during which, incidentally, Waylayers will be debuting a brand new song, “242”. Come along and be the first to hear it.

After that, if there is time, we will try and catch some of Foxes at the Arts Centre, and while we like to think we would have the stamina to make it to Epic for DJ Cheeba, we will concede that it might not happen.

Tracks of the Day

Sunday will be for sleeping and resting.

For more information on the festival as a whole and a full list of performers and a programme of gigs, visit the Norwich Sound and Vision website.