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TV Girl – “Birds Don’t Sing” (video)

13 Aug

TV Girl

We’re going to share something with you today, something personal and real that some of you may find horrifying and some of you may find hilarious. Those of you who know us here at Alphabet Bands through the site will know much about our musical tastes, that we live in Norwich yet support Southampton FC and that we like to visualise and describe music. You will know that we like puns, making jokes; often use hyperbole like it is our first language and can get drawn into the realm of pretention. You will also know that we are partial to the occasional sexy tune from time to time.

Those of you who know us from our writing will know all this and more, but you probably don’t know that we hate, and indeed are a little afraid of, birds. Specifically pigeons but pretty much any flappy unpredictable creature (insert Boris Johnson joke here) puts us on edge. We don’t like them, we don’t trust them and we’d rather not have anything to do with them thank you all the same.

Now, you may scoff at this but just watch the latest video from TV Girl and you might find yourself thinking differently. Taken from their debut album, French Exit, the promo for “Birds Don’t Sing” features an evil, malevolent parrot who has devilishly dark powers of manipulation and mind control. So evil and malicious is this creature that he could well have been the emperor’s parrot in Return of the Jedi (always off-screen naturally – Polly wanna crush the rebellion?).

”Very few music videos have the ability to spook you to your very core. This is one of those videos”, TV Girl announced on their twitter last night. They are right. Lock your doors and windows, draw the blinds and for God’s sake, if you see a parrot, don’t look at it just turn and run, and pray it doesn’t come after you.

Oh, the song is great by the way, but then you’d expect that because if you know us from reading the site, you will know we love TV Girl. Take a watch (you might want to hold someone’s hand while you do) and then go buy the album, it’s fantastic.

”Birds Don’t Sing” is taken from the excellent debut TV Girl album, ‘French Exit’, which you should buy here now.

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