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2014 Review: Video of the Year

23 Dec

PSB Gagarin

We thought we’d add a little something to our listing festivities this year. It’s just a little bonus something for you our loyal reader (which is no way designed to buy us more time as we sort out our album/ep list, uh uh, no Sir). Tomorrow we will share with you our favourite gig of 2014 and today, for the first time ever; we crown a video of the year.

Public Service Broadcasting – “Gagarin”

There could only be one winner here really. While there have been many beautiful, cinematic and thought provoking videos released in the last 12 months, but not one was as surprising, fun and batshit brilliant as the sight of two astronauts (who may or may not be Willgoose and Wrigglesworth (it’s not, sadly)) busting some funk-ass moves all over the place. They’d teased the album with a short trailer that featured a more reverential soundtrack, so that they then dropped this groovalicious tune with its smile inducing video, it caught us all on the hop and had us buzzing with excitement. It’s fantastic, fast, funky and oh so much fun. We bet more than one of you has tried out some of the moves at your Christmas party this year as well.

Public Service Broadcasting – “Gagarin” (video)

19 Nov

PSB Gagarin

They did tell us that they would be doing something a little different and now, having already revealed that album number two would be all about space, Public Service Broadcasting have returned and delivered on that promise, in spades.

When we spoke to Mr J. Willgoose, Esq back in January as part of our Blogathon, he gave us a little insight into the, at that time unnamed, “Gagarin”. ”What I will say is that it’s very incongruous, he told us, ”deliberately so. It doesn’t match the subject matter in the way that you’d think it would. But that is the point, for me. I think we need to be brave in the way we develop things from here”.

While Mrs Willgoose, esq may have suggested it was a bit ‘cheesy’, we are of the mind that the deliciously groovy and uptempo beat and sensibility of “Gagarin” is actually a superbly uplifting piece of electronic-funk-pop. It is still distinctly PSB, and not just because of the sample use, with little Willgoose signatures in there (call backs to “Signal 30”for example) as well as (it sounds to us) as a little Muppet Show reference thrown in too.

As for the bravery that Mr J spoke of, clearly it extends to cutting shapes as the video (which you can watch below) features the pair (yes, even Wrigglesworth), donning their custom PSB space suits, and busting some moves on the dancefloor. Ok, so it might not actually be them doing the dancing, but to paraphrase a famous TV poster, we want to believe.

Regardless, it is a great video and a cracking tune.

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