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Norwich Sound & Vision: Day 2 – Gig Preview

11 Oct

So, after a cracking (and tiring) night out all over the town, we’re ready to do it all again as Norwich Sound and Vision Festival hits day two. Thursday was great, but Friday looks like it could top it. Let’s see what’s on the stocks for this evening in our day 2 gig preview.

NSV13 Friday

Day 2 – Friday
Undoubtedly the biggest attraction for Friday is likely to be the appearance of two brothers at the Arts Centre. Fresh from their recent appearance on Later… Drenge (23:00) headline the Infectious Music stage with support from Superfood (22:10), Radkey (21:20) and Dems (20:30). As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a DJ set from Alt J (00:00 – 02:00). Unsurprisingly all pre-sale tickets have been sold and there will be limited space for festival wristband holders. Get there early people.

Elsewhere the Hog and Armour will be rocked to its foundations by Islet (21:40) with a possible late show from the indomitable God Damn. For an altogether more relaxed and mellifluous evening of fine tunage, look no further than the Bicycle Shop where Alphabet Bands’ favourite Lisa Redford (who we first met at last year’s festival incidentally) will be headlining (22:00).

Open will be having a late night groove to some soulful R’n’B and Hip Hop sounds for the Tru Thoughts Showcase and The Plugg Presents…. Topping the bill there is the fantastic (and previous Mercury prize nominee), Ty (23:30). Also performing will be Rodney P (22:45) and Harleighblu (22:00) amongst others.

Tilting Sky are taking over The Birdcage for the evening and will feature Alto45 (22:00), Damien Flynn (20:45) and Meadowlark (21:30) amongst their number. Meanwhile a special one-off showcase at The Assembly Rooms will include the beautiful sounds of Wooden Arms (19:30) and a full band performance from Halls (21:30), and over at Olives, the Monotrome records showcase hosts Niagara, M+A and the very good indeed Midas Fall (times tbc).

Down at The Waterfront, the main room has Nina Nesbitt (time tbc) to look forward to, and the studio will be home to San Cisco (21:00), F.U.R.S (20:00) and Bloody Knees (19:15).

Finally (for this preview, there is still more going on elsewhere), Raevennan Husbandes and Ollie Rudge will be playing acoustic sets at Cinema City.

Where we’ll be:
As tempting as it is to just plonk down at the Arts Centre for the duration we’re gonna take a risk and head out across the city once again. While logistics will be a nightmare, we will try and make it to some if not all of Wooden Arms and Halls at The Assembly Rooms, Alto45 at The Birdcage, Superfood and Drenge at The Arts Centre and Ty at Open. How successful/feasible that plan is remains to be seen.

Tracks of the Day

For more information on the festival as a whole and a full list of performers and a programme of gigs, visit the Norwich Sound and Vision website.

Sounds of the City: Norwich Sound & Vision – Saturday 13 October Review

18 Oct

Here we all are then, at the last of our three posts on the gigs of Norwich Sound and Vision 2012. We do have more to say and share about the festival (more on that below) but for now, let’s just reminisce together about another day of blinding music.

God Damn
The evening began as it would end, with us atop the balcony in the Arts Centre, a band playing in the bar below. It wouldn’t end with our bones shaking and ears near bleeding though, which is where we started with God Damn. By jingo this lot are rawkus. This kind of metal doesn’t really do anything for us truth be told but there can be no denying their presence and that amongst the shredding riffs, cacophonous drums and screaming vocals, there were some pretty solid tunes to be found.

Tall Ships
The Arts Centre was packed for the return of Tall Ships to Norwich. Following the release of their debut album, to universal acclaim, at the start of the week, the crowd had flocked in for the show. They didn’t leave disappointed as, sounding tighter than a pair of cycling shorts on a 30-stone man, the three-piece rattled through tracks to the delight of friends, peers and punters.

HIGHLIGHT – Public Service Broadcasting
Our personal highlight of the festival, the boys from PSB put on a storming set of audio-visual delight. Wrigglesworth sounded immense as he pounded the skins to the side of the stage, while J. Willgoose, Esq. noodled and rocked on laptop and all manner of stringed instrument. Betwixt the two, a screen played clips that bore the now famous propaganda samples and more. Old favourite “Signal 30” made an appearance as did “ROYGBIV”, but it was the triumvirate of “Spitfire”, “London Can Take It” and set closer, “Everest” that really set pulses racing and got feet moving. The pair even managed a little digital banter with the crowd which went down a storm. A truly fantastic set that, we are pleased to say, impressed friends who had never heard the pair (don’t they read this blog??) so much they were straight in the merch queue at the end to buy The War Room.

Dad Rocks!
And so to close the festival, for us anyway – there were later gigs but after three days of rocking out, interviewing and filming sessions, these oldies were spent. We spent our last moments of Norwich Sound & Vision 2012 in the company of Dad Rocks! and we couldn’t think of a better finish. Led by the warm and engaging Snævar Albertsson, who dedicated tracks at will to friends and colleagues, the band guided us off on a charming bed of strings, horns and wonderful lyrics. Not even a broken guitar string could prevent Snævar from performing and sending us all home happy. It was the perfect end to a wonderful three days. Roll on NSV2013.

So that was our experience of the gigs of Norwich Sound & Vision 2012, if you missed them, you can click to read about Thursday and Friday. Stay tuned as well as we will soon be showing off some amazing gig photography from two extremely talented young photographers, as well as sharing a wonderful session we filmed with Dad Rocks!. Then of course there will be all the interviews we did with artists over the three days.

Live photo credit – Adam Shoesmith