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Paperwhite: “Gold” & “Galaxy”

17 Nov


Given that we have spent much of 2014 in a kind of blog-coma, it is no surprise that when we looked back to see when we last wrote about brother-sister duo Paperwhite, it was way back in January (for their debut release, “got me goin”). Since then, and during our hibernation, there have been three more tracks that have been getting better and better. Today marks the release of the last two tracks from their debut EP, Magic, and yes they are both indeed ‘magic’.

Not Fantasia style magic, where everything goes wrong and mop buckets make a massive mess; not sitting in a box over the Thames for weeks on end doing nothing style magic and not blowing up a boat to make it look like it has vanished while dancing around with a knife in your mouth and playing cards flying from your hands kind of magic (ok, so technically that last one was an illusion but you know what we mean).

No, we mean magic as in thrilling, exciting, enthralling and wonderful. The good kind.

Both are blissful slices of smooth electronic-pop music, unashamed in their 80’s influences and gloriously dreamy. Ironically “Gold” shimmers and sparkles like stardust while “Galaxy” feels luxuriously expensive. The harmonies, the synth blends and the overall sense of swoon given off by both is just superb and lovely, we’re glad we woke up from our coma in time to catch these two tracks.

”Gold” and “Galaxy” are both taken from Paperwhite’s debut EP, ‘Magic’ which is out now and available to buy from iTunes. The pair are also playing their debut UK show this Friday (21 November) at The Stillery in Camden.

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Blogathon: Casitas – “Gold”

1 Feb


Goodness, it almost feels like we are running out of time all of a sudden with only 2 hours left. 2 hours! Can you believe it, we’ve been blogging for 22 hours straight and while our body and eyes ache and our brain has turned to mush, we still feel pretty good. We’d feel better with a few more donations so we’re sure you’ll be able to help with that.

As the sun comes up it’s time to throw back the curtains and let in the light. That’s exactly what we are doing right now with help from was-Devon-now-London five piece, Casitas and their fairground of bright colours, rides that make you scream and sugar filled candy floss to make you want to run around and do it all again.

Their latest track, “Gold”, is bursting with upbeat effervescence, passion and energy. It’s the little blue pill of indie-pop as it just keeps going and going, getting bigger and faster all the time before reaching a satisfactory conclusion for everyone. Hmmm, that’s probably a bit too much for 8am but we haven’t slept for over 24 hours, we think we can be excused.

Take a listen, have a boogie, get your credit card out and make a donation to Cancer Research via the button below. You’ll feel even better about yourself than if you’d actually taken a little blue pill.

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