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Elsie – “Gone By Sunrise”

8 May

Elsie Gone By Sunrise

A couple of months ago we all got rather hot under the collar with Elsie’s “Wild One” and to be honest, we are only now recovering our composure. In fact, just thinking about its glistening, steamy sexuality is making us a little red of cheek and warm of brow. We should move on.

Handily Elsie has just posted a new track online to help us do just that. Thankfully, for the sake of our poise and respectable image, “Gone By Sunrise” is not as salacious or licentious as its predecessor. It’s still quite sexy though to be fair, not that we are complaining…


We don’t think there’s a story in Ian Fleming’s collated Bond tales called “Gone By Sunrise” but it was the danger, intrigue, martini’s and (no doubt) the opening titles of OO7’s world that inspired Elsie and the sound certainly fits. It’s rather slinky, with sonic undulations and soft cavorting silhouetted shapes aplenty. It’s sultry and sensual with a deep melodic R&B flavour that is pleasantly reminiscent of Aaliyah as in fact, is Elsie’s vocals in places.

Deep, rich and emotive, it more than anything is the star of the show as it reaches out like a spell, drawing you into its welcoming embrace. The power of her obsession, her compulsion and yearning for the touch of her lover is devilishly seductive. Like an addict she can’t get enough, ”Once is not enough / Twice is just a tease” she beckons. That’s not all though, “If you are my last breath / Then I’m ready to die” she continues, no doubt in a mess of sated passion, pleasure and satisfaction.

Gosh, it is another stupidly sexy tune when we think about it. We’re off for a cold shower, enjoy the song…

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