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Blogathon: A gift from Box of Light – “Summer (piano version)”

31 Jan

Box of Light Summer

As well as the amount of sponsorship we’ve received from so many wonderful and supportive people, we have been touched by the generosity of artists and labels who have been in touch offering us something special to post as part of our 24 hour charity Blogathon.

So far we have had the World Premiere of the new Yumi Zouma track, a special mixtape from Avec Sans and an exclusive and revealing interview with Public Service Broadcasting (conducted this afternoon). There’s more to come as well later tonight and into the small hours including right now, with this special present from Norwich’s own Box of Light.

We’ve spoken before about how we seem to be intrinsically linked with Box of Light after giving them their debut live gig at our debut Alphabet Bands Presents… evening last July. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and could well by one of those bands that just breaks out of nowhere to suddenly be everywhere. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if that happened as they have a lovely nostalgic feel to their summery pop sounds, cracking tunes and great vocals.

And it is the vocals that are showcased in their special gift to us, a free download of an elegant piano version of their track, “Summer”.

We say free, Box of Light have given this to us to give away on the understanding that anyone who downloads the track donates at least £1 to our Just Giving page in return.

A bargain in every respect. Details of how to download are below. Thank you and thanks to Box of Light for being so generous.

This post was written as part of a 24 Hour Sponsored Blogathon for Cancer Research. If you liked this post or just want to help support an important charity, please sponsor us. Just £1 can help make a difference. You can sponsor us here or by clicking the big button below. Thank you for your support.

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Watch: Box of Light – “Falling”

18 Nov

Box of Light Main

During the Norwich Sound and Vision festival, we attended a panel on how not to make a music video, in which they said the most important thing to do is to create visuals that complement the sound. Such a simple premise and one that is often forgotten when acts/directors instead focus on the dazzling and spectacular rather than the elegant and understated. Here in the Fine City, bands are clearly learning the lessons of the festival panel and today we are sharing two videos from Norwich bands that sit with the music perfectly.

The first comes from Box of Light, the five-piece who played their first ever gig for us in July and who look set to do big things in 2014. Their debut single, “Falling”, which was recorded in an old abattoir of all places (though that could be seen as a step up – or down – from their usual rehearsal space, a disused nuclear bunker) is a nostalgic love song that conjures up images of a simpler time. A time of feel good 80’s romance movies, looking longingly across the room, hoping to be noticed and looking away shyly when you are, of letterman jackets, high-school rings and going steady. It’s deceptively effortless as a glitter filled vocal calls out a simple but important request, “fall for me too”.

With a song that feels like it looks at the world through a soft focus lens, it’s only right that the video should match and lo and behold, the guys and gals at Rock-Star have done just that. Here four of the five band members spend a day of ice-cream, arcades and campfires at a quiet seaside town that itself looks as though it just stopped around 1985 and said; ‘that’ll do – no need to go any further, this year is fine for me’. Both song and video are full of innocence and warmth and sit perfectly as one.

”Falling” is out now and available to buy on iTunes and you can watch an acoustic performance of the song, filmed in session for us, here.

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