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Hollywood Principle – “Spell”

17 Mar

Hollywood Principle

Having mastered the dark art of the deceptive pop banger (starts smokey and languid, ends high energy and explosive) San Diego’s Hollywood Principle are now beginning to really hit their stride and exude confidence.

Following the incendiary and utterly ferociously addictive “Firework” was going to be tricky but here we are, quite literally and metaphorically under their “Spell”. It takes a special level of self-assurance and belief to boldly announce when a song is about to drop, and another level entirely to then deliver said drop in such a huge manner. Aplomb doesn’t even begin to cover it.

“Spell” exudes swagger as well as being a ridiculously good and infectious dance-pop tune. Their tunes have recently been popping up on video games and this is another that would be perfectly suited to that medium. It’s bright lights, fast cars, late nights and euphoric adventures.

Pounding, fist pumping, rousing and grand, “Spell” is probably the biggest, boldest and best thing the Hollywood Principle crew have done so far. All together now, “DROP!”.

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2016 Preview: Artists to Listen out for Part Two

8 Dec

Listen Out For... (1)

After kicking off our own contribution to the end of year listing season yesterday, it is time to keep that ball rolling with part two of our countdown of artists to listen out for in 2016. Here then are three more acts we are excited to hear more from next year.

#12 – Hollywood Principle

Hollywood Principle

San Diego’s Hollywood Principle are masters of the deceptive pop banger. They are wonderful at blending the smokey and languid with the high energy and vibrant, soft glistening tunes that suddenly explode with rocket fueled ferocity.

Speaking of rockets, this year the trio supplied a track for the soundtrack of the bonkers sounding Rocket League computer game (online tournament of rocket powered cars playing football or something we think – sounds crazy but attracts hundreds of thousands of players at any one time). Suitably they used “Firework”, a high octane frenzy of electro pop, it’s frantic, frenetic and chaotic, all in a good way. Kaleidoscopic colours flash before your eyes like lasers of digital noodling and razor sharp beats.

They know just how to build a tune and how best to get your feet tapping and head nodding. Coupled with intoxicating and seductively wispy vocals, Hollywood Principle make a heady concoction of dancefloor friendly pop.

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#11 – Bea1991


After the grand blog love-in that accompanied Bea1991’s debut track, “Breadwinner”, in spring last year, things have felt quiet around the Netherlands based artist. Though this is probably more to do with her slightly unconventional approach to releasing her music. Specifically, she puts it up on her website with no announcement and often it is free to download. There is no press, no excited tweeting or shouting. Just music.

This may have caused an apparent drying up of blog support for her (because they don’t know she is still releasing anything) but the quality has not dropped off. Her most recent EP, Songs of 2k11, is seven tracks of engaging and enigmatic pop. Her soft, rich vocal melts like a marshmallow over the crackling flame of melody and rhythm.

Hopefully 2016 will see another EP at the least and more of the recognition she should be getting and very much deserves.

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#10 – Lilla Vargen

Lilla Vargen

We’ve not heard much at all from Belfast based singer Lilla Vargen since her stunningly beautiful debut back in January. So exquisite was the simple piano ballad, so delicate and heartfelt, that it stayed with us for the whole year. While there was only one more track to follow, we’re hopeful that is because she’s been snapped up by a label and squirrelled away somewhere secret to get ready to release more evocative melodies on the world.

It would be a crying shame if that wasn’t the case as a voice this beautiful needs to be singing out to us all.

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Hollywood Principle – “Seeing What’s Next”

25 May

Hollywood Principle

We first featured San Diego’s Hollywood Principle when they shared the wonderfully deceptive (starts slow suddenly becomes a full on pop banger) “Find Me Out”. Back again with the final track from their Starting Over EP, the Electro pop trio have nestled “Seeing What’s Next” nicely somewhere in the middle of their previous approach.

It doesn’t start off as smokey or languid as “Find Me Out” and the final bang isn’t quite as ka-boom, but it is a consistently exciting and persuasive dance-pop tune. It’s very much a dark club, singer making shapes with her arms amongst the laser pierced smoke as the crowd calls out their delight. Stick your headphones on (presuming you are listening on a computer and ergo the sound isn’t great) and feel the depth of the bassline as it kicks in, feel the barely contained energy within the synth lines and get lost in those arm entwining vocals.

“Seeing What’s Next” features on the ‘Starting Over’ EP, which can be ordered here.

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What’s In The Box? – #10.5 – What else is in the box?

25 Jan

What's In The Box

Well hello there, this is an unexpected pleasure. We’re not normally here ferreting around in the inbox on a Sunday but there was so many great tunes sent to us this week, we felt the need for a bonus mini-edition of ‘What’s In The Box?’ was necessary. So here we go with four more tracks for you to enjoy.

Body Language – “Really Love”

After the rather mellow feeling of yesterday’s collection, we’re starting off today with something much more bouncy and effervescent. Brooklyn based electro duo Body Language have gone a little bit leftfield for their latest, bringing in hip-hop, techno, dub and even a little bit of jungle for a track of glitchy brilliance. It’s a bit like a go on high-powered bumper cars with no seat belt.

”Really Love” is due out on 17 February and can be pre-orderd here.

Chelsea Lankes – “Down For Whatever”

Chances are you’ve already heard the new Chelsea Lankes track as it has been all over the blogs this past week. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be written about and shared more though, good music should always be shouted about by as many people as possible and “Down For Whatever” is damn good music. A down-tempo indie/synth pop gem, her voice is gorgeously melancholic yet warm and hopeful. She’s a bit like a comedown Vérité, which is a good thing, trust us.

Seafret – “Oceans”

If ever there was music made for a Sunday, it is “Oceans” by Yorkshire based duo, Seafret. The title track from their latest EP, it is a gorgeous undulating folky-indie-pop beauty that soars and pirouettes gracefully and effortlessly. The vocals are rich, the arrangement is intricate yet subtle and the tone is suitably heartwrenching and emotive. Just great stuff from an act that already seems set for good things in 2015.

Sefret’s ‘Oceans’ EP is out now and available to buy now.

Hollywood Principle – “Find Me Out”

We close this bonus edition with San Diego electro-pop trio Hollywood Principle whose debut EP, Starting Over, is due out later this year. Taking their lead from the likes of London Grammar, Banks etc “Find Me Out’ is a surprising and wonderfully lively track. Starting off like a Sunday lie-in in, the smokey synths and understated electronics quickly build into a big pre-Saturday night out bounce. As the beat quickens and the key stokes grow more intense, the vocals build from soft whisper to standing tall cry out to the world.

”Find Me Out” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

We hope you enjoyed this mini bonus delve into the inbox. There was just so much in there we wanted to share some more. Come back next week for more regular posting and, all being well, another What’s In The Box? next Saturday as well.