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Horse Party – “Gratitude Falling”

11 Jan

Horse Party

This time last year Suffolk based Horse Party kicked the hangover out of the New Year with the storming “Out of Sight”. Since then they’ve released two EPs and now returned once again to shake off the dust of the old and wake up 2016 with a new track.

With a guitar line that creeps into view like silhouetted figure against a desolate, desert like horizon, “Gratitude Falling” has a kind of shoegazey, bluesy feeling to it (blusegazey?). There’s a tinge of the old west as the guitar line rides into town and the trott of the drums join in to escalate the track into a paradoxical mild frenzy.

With a gun at its hip and tobacco masticating in its mouth, “Gratitude Falling” meanders confidently down the main street of this one horse town. Occasionally there will be a bar fight as rhythm and melody, buzzing on moonshine and needing to blow off steam, bump into one another and bottles are smashed. Yet it never gets out of hand, never loses control and never sounds less than excellent.

”Gratitude Falling” is out now and available to buy from the Horse Party Bandcamp page.

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Horse Party – “Out Of Sight”

3 Jan

Horse Party

The New Year may only be three days old but Suffolk based Alphabet Bands favourites Horse Party aren’t giving it a chance to get settled in its comfy chair and feel all relaxed and chilled out. No, instead they have gone in full bore, grabbed it by the lapels and given it a good old shake while hollering ‘we don’t care how hung-over you are, it’s time to rock!’

Released physically on 23 February, double A side single “Out Of Sight” / “Receiver” was posted online yesterday evening and is more frenetic than any of the newly resolved joggers we’ve seen huffing past our window recently. “Receiver” has that kind of Therapy?-esque vibrancy and frenzy about it while “Out Of Sight” (which you can stream below) just kind of sidles up to you, all low guitar, drums and quiet menace. Then the chorus kicks in and the ante is upped. This isn’t a casual conversation, this is an attitude fuelled, in your face, blast of angular noise. Riffs get grindy, rhythms get crashy and vocals get sneery.

It’s a fantastic, ragged detonation of indie-rock, poor 2015 never stood a chance.

”Out Of Sight” / “Receiver” is due for release on limited edition vinyl via R*E*P*E*A*T Records / Pure Deadly on 23 February. You can pre-order the single here and get an immediate download of both tracks. This will be the only way you can get a download of the song, it will not be released on any other digital platform.

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2013 Tracks Of The Year – #25 – 21

9 Dec

Tracks of 2013 - 25-21

After spending the last week or so looking ahead in excitement at our top 15 artists to Listen Out For in 2014 (21 artists if you include the honourable mentions as well), it is now time to take a look back at some of the brilliant music we’ve enjoyed in the last 12 months. As is now the norm at Alphabet Bands, we will be looking at our favourite tracks, EPs and Albums of the year. This week will be Tracks (starting right now) and EPs, next week we’ll do albums.

So, we start our countdown of our 25 favourite tracks right here and now with numbers 25 – 21, but what exactly do we mean by a track, does it have to be a single? Well no, no it doesn’t. That may seem a bit of a cheat, but there’s a reason behind it. We have purposefully used quite a loose definition of ‘tracks’. We are not looking at singles only but tracks that were released in one capacity or another over the last 12 months. Though we should note, if a track was released online this year but will become a single next, then it won’t be included (“Anomaly” by Paper Crows fell foul of this rule for example). The only other arbitrary rule we have implemented is, one song per artist.

These then are the tracks that really stood out and stayed with us across the year, and we mean the whole year, many of these tracks have been out a number of months and we keep coming back to them time and time again, that’s how good they are.

We hope you like them and hopefully even find some you hadn’t heard before.

#25 All We Are – “Utmost Good”

We don’t know where Liverpool’s All We Are had been hanging out before making “Utmost Good”, but we figure it involved time travelling to a disco-funk club in the seventies where the lights are as low as the ceilings and a slightly-sweet smelling smoky haze sits motionless above the patrons. It grooves like the coolest hepcat in the coolest part of the city, with not a care in the world. It’s a white-suited John Travolta walking down the street at half-speed with a bassline that exudes cool and a beat that nudges your shoulders from side to side while the trio sing lovely falsetto shapes. The whole thing makes for quite a superb piece of dreamy psychedelic laid back funk that’ll make you want to break out the lava lamps, joss sticks and giant yin yang tapestries.

#24 A Weekend At The Feelies – “Lowly Buzzard”

We’ve been big fans of Jordan Campbell’s musical alter ego, A Weekend At The Feelies, since the moment we heard the level of depth and consideration within his debut single, “Lowly Buzzard”. It’s gloriously languid in style and almost shoegazy, dreamy and intangible, smoke like almost. Smooth vocals dissipate into its eerie chasm of sonic wistfulness. There are gentle depths and rises, twists, turns and dark corners of sound hidden away, waiting to be discovered. It’s a bit like looking into the mouth of a cave; dare to go in and the song will reward you with the echoey beauty of fragile synth highs and caressing bass lows, like aural ancient stalagmites meeting mystical stalactites.

#23 Marika Hackman – “Bath Is Black”

We did say, when reviewing Marika Hackman’s recent collaboration with Sivu, that while we’d never blogged about her, we are fans and thoroughly enjoyed her That Iron Taste EP and especially the wonderfully quirky and enchanting “Bath Is Black”. Showcasing Marika’s delightful way with words with playful yet heartfelt lyrics, “Bath Is Black” is a catchy and upbeat gem, and incidentally at times, vocally, she even sounds like Jem (remember her? Not of the holograms). It’s a fantastically visual track, more like a novel or short story layered over a sumptuously intricate musical arrangement. It’s gorgeous and one of those rare tracks you find that you just don’t skip and always listen to all the way through.

#22 Horse Party – “Back To Mono”

The first song ever played at an Alphabet Bands presents… gig, we’d already heard and loved the catchiness of Horse Party’s debut track, “Back To Mono”, and found it stuck in our heads for an eternity afterwards. It’s the simplicity of the beat and the opening riff, the repetition that just gets under your skin and won’t come out. Also, it kinda rocks. The pound of the drum, the crash of cymbal, the grind of guitar and the slight element of challenge in the vocal, a smidge of attitude that is almost defiant. Perfectly, it conjures up images of three people rocking out on stage, nothing fancy, just three people having a great time playing their tunes, which is exactly what Horse Party are doing. It’s not the most complicated song you’ll ever hear but frankly, when it is this good and this enjoyable, who the fuck cares?

#21 TV Girl – “Laura”

Taken from TV Girl’s excellent Lonely Women EP, “Laura” is a fantastically vibrant piece of throwback pop music, infectious and melodious throughout. Often mistaken for a song about a current or ex-girlfriend, it was actually written for and about late singer Laura Nyro, whose track “Lonely Women” also provided the name of the EP. It’s an upbeat and summery affair and ridiculously catchy with a danceable hip-hop style beat entwined with cascading piano melodies and twinkling xylophonic sounds. On an EP of fantastic tunes, “Laura” stands out, and that is saying something.

Check back later today for the tracks that reached numbers 20 – 16.

Norwich Sound & Vision: Day 1 – Gig Preview

10 Oct

It’s a chilly Thursday morning in October here in Norwich and we are as excited as a child at Christmas. Why? Because it is the first day of our favourite holiday, the three day Norwich Sound and Vision Festival. As promised yesterday, here is the first of our daily gig previews. We’ll see you there.

NSV13 Thursday

Day 1 – Thursday
The honour of effectively opening the festival (well, they are the first band to play according to the latest timetable we have seen) fittingly goes to a Norwich band, though this year is a little bit different. The Neutrinos kick things off with one of eight scheduled performances over the festival, all taking place in their house. Because why not right? Obviously attendance at these shows must be booked in advance.

Over in more traditional venues the quality is there from the start with likes of Box Of Light (with whom we shall forever be intrinsically linked) headlining the Access To Music stage at Olives, ably supported by Eyes In Istanbull who feature the outstanding Ollie Rudge in their number (times tbc). There is also the fantastically named Let’s Eat Grandma on the Young People’s Stage over at The Garage. We’ve never heard of them but are sorely tempted based on their name alone.

Over at The Birdcage rising stars Abi Wade (20:45) and George Ezra (21:30) – a man our good friends at Breaking More Waves have been getting a bit googly over (though they do have a worrying fascination with his lips – precede the highly anticipated Lady Lamb The Beekeeper (22:00).

Our good friends at Open are getting a little bit Oh-la-la for the evening as they host the French Export Showcase with the likes of Mesparrow (19:30), Brns (20:30) and We Were Evergreen (22:30) bringing a bit of European flair to proceedings.

The wonderful guys and gals of Artrocker have returned to the festival once again and once again have taken over the Hog and Armour for the duration. Thursday night sees them start as they mean to go on with local favourites There’s Someone In The Pond (20:00), the superb and much loved (as well as being critical darlings) Pins (21:40) and then the bonkersly brilliant Comanechi.

Finally for Thursday, the festival’s home, the Norwich Arts Centre, will be playing host to two exciting showcases. In the bar Norwich’s finest, Wombat Wombat, will be hosting some storming up and coming acts including The Mondegreens (21:00) and DOE (21:50) before closing with another of our favourites (and technically speaking, the first band we ever put on ourselves), Horse Party (23:00). Meanwhile, in the main room PRS will host No Ceremony (21:15) and Ghostpoet (22:00). Get down early for that one we reckon.

Where we’ll be:
With even more venues being used this year, we expect a number of people may well be tempted to bed down in one location and stay for the evening, especially when the headliner will be one the de-facto big names of the festival. Not us of course, with so much fantastic new music on the go, we will be hotfooting it from one venue to another, hoping to see as much as possible (but probably missing quite a lot too).

So, our first entirely unachievable plan will see us variously at Olives for Eyes in Istanbull and The Birdcage for Abi Wade and George Ezra. Though, no offence George, we’ll be leaving sharpish to catch some, if not all, of the Pins set at the Hog and Armour before heading to the Arts Centre for No Ceremony, Ghostpoet and Horse Party.

Tracks of the Day

For more information on the festival as a whole and a full list of performers and a programme of gigs, visit the Norwich Sound and Vision website.

In Pictures: Vuvuvultures, Box of Light, Horse Party – Open Norwich, 4 July 2013.

16 Jul

It’s been just over a week since we had the privilege of hosting Vuvuvultures, Box of Light and Horse Party for the first ever Alphabet Bands presents… night and while the world may have moved on, we are still buzzing. Even a week off in the sunshine relaxing hasn’t stopped us feeling excited and entirely made up about how fantastic the night was. While we can’t recreate it for you, we can share some live photos from the evening, courtesy of the super-talented Adam Shoesmith who was there to capture it all for us.

Before we do though, we’d just like to go on record and offer our heartfelt thanks to all those people who helped make it happen. Rick and Stewart at Open, Annie of Planet of Sound, Andie at Sessions Productions, Ian at Access to Music, everyone who tweeted or wrote about the show in advance, everyone who came and of course, the bands themselves. It was a great night, here’s to the next one.

Enjoy the pictures, regular posting resumes tomorrow.






Box of Light

Box of Light Open1

Box of Light Open3

Box of Light Open4

Horse Party

Horse Party Open2

Horse Party Open4

Horse Party Open5

Here’s a little bonus as well, a quick video of Horse Party performing on the night.

Vuvuvultures debut album “Push/Pull” will be out via Energy Snake Records / Cadiz on 29 July. “Steel Bones” is out now and can be bought here and they are still on tour across the country. Remaining dates below.

Vuvuvultures on tour.
July 19 – BBC4 Loose Ends / Live Session
July 21 – Sheffield – Tramlines Festival / Dada
July 27 – London – Album Launch @ The Island
July 30 – London – Rough Trade East

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