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Listen: MS MR – “Fantasy”

28 Jan

MS MR Fantasy

Ahh MS MR, the marvellous and hypnotic MS MR. Ever since we first heard their debut track, “Hurricane”, we have been enraptured by their dark, glitchy pop music and love of the macabre. We weren’t the only ones and with the release of their fantastic debut EP, Candy Bar Creep Show, this Brooklyn duo soon became one of the most talked about and sought after acts of 2012.

That doesn’t look like changing in 2013 either with the announcement that their debut album, Second Hand Rapture, will be released 14 May in the U.S. on Columbia Records. Presumably it will be out in the UK on 13 May but we haven’t had confirmation on the exact date yet. What we do know is that the first track from it is “Fantasy”, which will be released on 10 March and which you can stream below.

Featuring Lizzie’s now trademark husky vocals, “Fantasy” feels bigger and more vibrant than their previous tracks. They are painting from a broader palette and the result is a wonderful explosion of pop colour. The drums are incessant, driving pulsating rhythms that do evoke memories of Florence and the Machine. Then again, there are bits that, to our mind, sound a bit like Shakira, so what do we know?

Well, one thing we are certain of is that MS MR are the real deal and we expect that the buzz around them will just keep on getting (justifiably) bigger.

MS MR’s Candy Bar Creep Show EP is available digitally or on ltd edition 7″ vinyl.

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2013 Preview: Listen Out For – MS MR

5 Dec


Unlike in our other Listen Out For posts so far, today we are going to use some actual science* to evidence their popularity and back up our assertion that they are likely to go places in 2013. Since we posted the debut MS MR single back in May, more people have found the site by googling for MS MR, Hurricane or variations thereof, than by using any other search criteria. Similarly, that post has been viewed more than any other in the last 12 months, amassing double the number of hits than the next most viewed. See, science.*

Since then the duo who had shrouded themselves in mystery and intrigue but who we now know to be Lizzie Plapinger (MS) and Max Hershenow (MR), broke new ground by drip feeding the release of their Candy Bar Creep Show EP, week by week, on Tumblr. Secret identities, intrigue and an embracing of social media; it’s no wonder the blogging world fell over itself in excitement about these two.

The intrigue wasn’t entirely by design mind you, more that they were giving the music a chance to stand on its own two (four) feet. As head of Neon Gold Records, Lizzie was keen that her position in the industry didn’t colour people’s opinions of the sound, as she explained recently to Idol Magazine, ”to give the music a fighting chance and for it to be fairly judged on its own merit we wanted to keep ourselves anonymous so that people could come to the music organically”.

And organically they came, well via a PR in our case but let’s not split hairs. The songs were damn good too, that always helps. “Hurricane” was a ship of infectious down-tempo pop traversing the tormented cold and murky waters of paranoid self analysis. Elsewhere on the EP, as you’d expect from the title, is a macabre world of glitchy electronics, incessant rhythms, swirling strings and deliciously gloomy vocal harmonies. It is a heady mass of brooding energy, of dark and light that can be sung along with just as readily as it can be listened to in the shadow of the night. The tracks are ghoulishly intricate affairs, like a labyrinthine Ghost House with layers of sound crafting aches, pains and heartbreak within their ample arrangements.

With their popularity proved by science* and a set of properly excellent songs under their cape, we have very high expectations for MS MR and cannot wait to see what 2013 brings for them.

* It’s not really science is it? Not properly.

Candy Bar Creep Show is out now and available digitally or on ltd edition 7″ vinyl.

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Free Download: MS MR – “Hurricane”

11 May

Adjective: Difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.
See also: MS MR

You know, when a band makes music that is limp and uninspiring, knowing very little about them can be a good thing. When a band makes such wondrous pop sounds as MS MR have with their first proper release, “Hurricane”, it can be incredibly frustrating. For the time being we are prepared to ride it out, bask the magnificence of this new single from the New York based boy/girl duo and hope for more music and more information very soon.

The band call their music ‘tumblr-glitch-pop’ and ‘popilepsy’, we call it brilliant. Introspective without wallowing in self-pity or melodrama, “Hurricane” is a fantastic twist on the classic pop of yesteryear. It deals with the emotion of a breaking or broken relationship but via self-analysis rather than by proclaiming remorse and undying love for the other party. The production too is stunning, it’s about as clean as we have heard all year and is the kind that could make almost any system sound amazing.

We’ve had “Hurricane” on repeat a fair bit since we first heard it a couple of weeks back and have been chomping at the bit to share it with you. Now we can.

Take a listen to the track below and click for your free download.

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