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Watch: Lisa Redford – “I Believe In Father Christmas”

21 Dec

Lisa Redford2

Yesterday we started to get into the festive mood with a post jammed full of Christmas Classics, both old and new. Today we have been touched by the magic of Christmas once again as we share with you this lovely little video for Lisa Redford‘s beautiful cover of “I Believe In Father Christmas”.

The keen eyed amongst you will probably notice that the video includes footage from our own session with Lisa from the other week, nestled within the wonderfully cute soft-focus footage, that’s because both were made by the good people at Sessions Productions. We think the seventies aesthetic they’ve used looks fantastic and the video also gets massive bonus points for the inclusion of Lego and the famous Blue Peter Advent Crown. Though our favourite bit has to be the wide-eyed excitement of the kids as they look up at the Christmas lights as they drive past.

It’s a gorgeous video for a gorgeous track and one that feels absolutely perfect for the festive period.

Have a very Happy Holiday period and we will see you again in 2013.
Hohoho and all that.

Alphabet Bands.

A Festive Session: Lisa Redford – “I Believe In Father Christmas”

14 Dec

Lisa Redford1

On the off chance you were not aware, Christmas is nearly upon us and being only slightly Grinch like, we wanted to do something to get into the festive spirit. After the beautiful and charming session she did for us at Norwich Sound and Vision we thought there was no-one better to ask to sing a seasonal tune for us than the lovely Lisa Redford. Thankfully she agreed and if you scroll down you’ll find her gorgeous cover of the Greg Lake classic, “I Believe In Father Christmas”, filmed exclusively for us at House Coffee Shop in Norwich (lovely people, lovely food). Before that though, we sat down with Lisa to find out what her own Christmas plans looked like.

As an international jet-setter, she is understandably looking forward to relaxing and spending time with loved ones, ”Last year I was in the States and had quite an unusual Christmas, but this year I am back with my family in Norwich.

“It’s just nice to spend time with the family, and watch loads of movies basically, that’s what I like to do. Just watch one after the other because the days are so dark and long you can just lose yourself in a DVD”.

Not that the break will be nothing but films for Lisa, there will be work going on as well. ”I like this time of year for being creative.

“There’s less distraction, I find I kind of retreat in the Christmas week. Because there’s not really much going on so you can turn it all off and just concentrate on finishing up some songs and things like that really”.

Finally, anyone who wants to buy Lisa a Christmas present should know she isn’t averse to receiving ” the obvious; wine, Chocolates…”, though she has got her sights set on something a little more technological and big. ”Maybe some mic stuff, some good headphones things like that really. I suppose something like an iPad would be great”.

We hope she gets what she wants and look forward to hearing any new material she records over the break. Now though, sit back, relax and enjoy our exclusive session performance of “I Believe In Father Christmas” from Lisa Redford.

You can get a free download of a studio version of the track from Lisa’s SoundCloud page.

Lisa’s latest EP Reminders, recorded in New York City where she is now based, was released this summer and can be bought on iTunes or directly from her bandcamp page.

Stalk Lisa Redford: Website / Facebook / YouTube / SoundCloud /Bandcamp / Twitter