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Listen: The Night VI – “I Would Die 4 U”

13 Nov

The Night VI

One sure fire way of getting our attention here at Alphabet Towers is with a Prince cover. Straight up, no fooling Mr, we love Prince, always have, always will. We particularly love how, in recent years, everyone seems to have woken up from the rather random collective Prince-myopia they were suffering (where only failings and odd behaviour could be seen) and remembered just how amazing a performer and songwriter he was/is.

We’ve also noticed, and are enjoying, the way “I Would Die 4 U” is gradually taking the place of Chris Issak’s “Wicked Game” as cover de jour for hip-young things (a much more sensible choice we’re sure you’d agree). The latest to break out the purple, ruffles and undeniable funky and sexiness are Anglo-French six-piece The Night VI and the result is a delight.

Naturally for a band who specialise in using complementary male/female vocals to create emotional, seductive music, their take is less energetic than the original, but no less passionate. Haunting and monochrome in places, dazzlingly vibrant in others, it’s an M.C. Escher painting unfolding out into the speckled colours of Lichtenstein as the voices entwine and spiral ever upwards. Guitars dance over sharp drum claps while the emotional core beats and pulses like the lifeblood of love and life within. Classic song, fantastic cover.

”I would Die 4 U” is the fourth in a series of six cover versions by The Night VI, each chosen by a different band member (this one chosen by drummer, Bo). The other three released so far can be found on the band’s Soundcloud page.

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