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Lovepark – “21/12”

30 Apr

Lovepark 2112

We’ve spoken before about 2014 being the year of returns, the year where seemingly a LOT of artists we have loved over the years have awoken from varying depths of hibernation and are on course to fulfil their undoubted potential. We’ve talked about Spring Offensive, Lovestarrs, Florrie and Ronika all delivering new material and wowing us with it. We’ve also been excited by new songs from The Night VI and Jack Robert Hardman and an unexpected but very welcome return from Aquilo. There have been others and today we are adding Brighton four-piece Lovepark to that list.

OK, so technically they returned 3 months ago (still 2014 though) with “Jester” but they have just announced a new EP and released the title track, so we are going with that.

We had previously heard from them back in 2012 when their late summer evening listening track ”How Do I See?” made it into our tracks of the year list. Though sadly the track has since been removed from Soundcloud. New track “21/12” is, thankfully, on Soundcloud (be a bit odd if it wasn’t to be honest) and is much less drinking a beer in the sun, much more understated drama and intrigue.

The guitar thuds with the drums, stomping with purpose and emphasis as the vocals rise above, contrasting the base, angular sounds. There’s a softness within as well as synths, cymbals and harmonies come together in a flurry of rippling mist. The contrast is striking, punching melts into floating collapses into punching blends into floating in four minutes of interesting and exciting indie pop.

Like each of the others artists we listed above, Lovepark have returned with some high quality sounds in 2014 and we’re looking forward to finding out what comes next.

”21/12” is the title track from Lovepark’s forthcoming EP which is due for release via SnakeTown Records on 26 May. To celebrate, the guys will be playing a free show at the Shacklewell Arms on 29 May.

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Blogathon: School – “Clouds Aside”

1 Feb


Remarkably, given both the prevalence and our love of Swedish pop music, we think this is the first time in the last 23 hours that we have featured any. For shame we say to ourselves (hey, we told you we’d end up talking to ourselves) we’d best put that right. And so we are, with a track we stumbled upon in the small hours and have been holding to one side, ready to post this morning.

Sounding wonderfully bright and Scandinavian, School are a four-piece from Göteborg and with their latest slice of indie pop they have quite literally pushed the “Clouds Aside” to leave us with a dazzling blue sky. It’s a carefree summer’s day of a tune; vibrant and uplifting guitars take you by the hand and lead you off on a run through the cornfields, the warm vocals brushing the tops of the plants as you pass by. Alice Botéus’ ahhhhhhhhh’s drift out beyond the horizon like a bird soaring through the air as the whole song lifts you up, weightless and floating on its sunshine melody.

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Blogathon: Casitas – “Gold”

1 Feb


Goodness, it almost feels like we are running out of time all of a sudden with only 2 hours left. 2 hours! Can you believe it, we’ve been blogging for 22 hours straight and while our body and eyes ache and our brain has turned to mush, we still feel pretty good. We’d feel better with a few more donations so we’re sure you’ll be able to help with that.

As the sun comes up it’s time to throw back the curtains and let in the light. That’s exactly what we are doing right now with help from was-Devon-now-London five piece, Casitas and their fairground of bright colours, rides that make you scream and sugar filled candy floss to make you want to run around and do it all again.

Their latest track, “Gold”, is bursting with upbeat effervescence, passion and energy. It’s the little blue pill of indie-pop as it just keeps going and going, getting bigger and faster all the time before reaching a satisfactory conclusion for everyone. Hmmm, that’s probably a bit too much for 8am but we haven’t slept for over 24 hours, we think we can be excused.

Take a listen, have a boogie, get your credit card out and make a donation to Cancer Research via the button below. You’ll feel even better about yourself than if you’d actually taken a little blue pill.

This post was written as part of a 24 Hour Sponsored Blogathon for Cancer Research. If you liked this post or just want to help support an important charity, please sponsor us. Just £1 can help make a difference. You can sponsor us here or by clicking the big button below. Thank you for your support.

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Listen: Fickle Friends – “Swim”

2 Jan

Fickle Friends

It’s time for our first brand new track of the year and while the hope and optimism of a new year is still fresh in our lungs and minds, we’re bringing you some super-catchy, life-affirming indie-pop to help keep it going.

The latest from Brighton based five-piece Fickle Friends, Swim (which, incidentally, features on the new Killing Moon/Ally Mccrae compilation) is bright, bubbly and as infectious as anything. Despite being about being so confused and messed up that you feel like you are drowning, it makes you feel anything but. There’s no confusion, it’s just sparkly and uplifting, the perfect buoyancy aid should you feel overwhelmed or besieged by January blues. You can bob along safely on its life raft of hooks and groovy guitar lines.

There are Prince-esque jams inside this 80’s new-wave pop doughnut, with a sprinkled coating of Robyn on the outside, and it tastes gorgeous. It makes you want to dance, and not all cool and ironic dancing either. We’re talking silly and enthusiastic, drunk and probably lacking in coordination but stupidly fun dancing. Singing along with your arm around a mate dancing as you have one of those nights that go down as one of the best nights ever (well, the bits you can remember at least). We’ll be singing this one for a while, that’s for sure.

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Listen: Let’s Buy Happiness – “Run”

19 Aug

Lets Buy Happiness

A few years back it seemed that Let’s Buy Happiness were on a super-fast track to super-stardom with a slot on the main stage at Glastonbury and near universal adulation for their tracks, “Six Wolves” and “Dirty Lakes” but then it all went quiet. Now though, they are back and that hare-like fast-track may have been replaced by a more considered tortoise-y road to the top, but it looks no less likely.

In the months ahead there will be both a UK tour (October – dates below) and a debut album, Chants for Friends, (hopefully before the end of the year). Before that though, we have “Run”, their new single and it’s utterly gorgeous. It sounds like it should be listened to in a cathedral; it builds and builds, filling the vast expanse of such surroundings. Sarah Hall’s vocal joins the music in a union of emotion and pain; graceful and frightened, like wild horses running across open plains.

It’s a beautiful way to deal with a difficult subject as, according to Sarah, the song describes someone ”who has an inability to face up to truths and their destructive behaviours”. It may be about something destructive, but it sounds like anything but. Apparently it has taken them four years to get their sound just the way they wanted it. They say that slow and steady wins the race and Let’s Buy Happiness may be about to get gold.

October Tour Dates
Fri 4th / NEWCASTLE – Cluny 2
Sat 5th / NEWCASTLE – Cluny 2
Sun 6th / LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club
Mon 7th / LONDON – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
Tues 8th / BATH – Moles
Fri 11th / BANBURY – Also Known As
Sat 12th / SHEFFIELD – The Bowery
Tues 15th / MANCHESTER – Night & Day Café
Wed 16th / SUNDERLAND – Pop Recs (Instore)
Fri 18th / ABERDEEN – Tunnels
Sun 20th / GLASGOW – Broadcast
Mon 21st / INVERNESS – Hootananny
Wed 23rd / EDINBURGH – Sneaky Petes

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