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White Fever – “Skeleton Disease”

8 Jan

White Fever

Its confession time here at Alphabet Bands. Despite bookmarking it and totally intending to go back to it for a proper listen and enjoy, we totally missed the cracking debut White Fever EP, Beating of Wings. We hold our hands up; it’s on us, mea culpa and all that. We do recommend you go and check it out though (especially “Shadows”). Fortunately we have a shot at redemption as the band has just posted “Skeleton Disease” online, phew.

Taken from the aforementioned EP, “Skeleton Disease” showcases the London based Anglo-Scandinavian dream-pop-combo’s flair for catchy choruses and easy on the ear indie based fun. It starts off nice and calm, the guitars and drums walking contemplatively through the countryside, sometimes running, sometimes slowing down to a meander, before dusk falls, a fire is lit, flares are set off and the song rises into the night in a great billow of smoke and colour.

As an introduction to the band, it’s pretty good, but we do recommend checking out the whole EP.

”Skeleton Disease” is taken from the ‘Beating of Wings’ EP which is out now and available here.

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Waterstrider – “White Light”

6 Jan


We’ve spoken before a few times about serendipity, fortune and the Universe getting involved in life, how it sometimes prompts us to write about something specific or how connections appear between tracks and artists we’ve posted about. Well in the last couple of days the Universe hasn’t so much been prompting and nudging us to write about California five-piece Waterstrider, more walking up to us and slapping us round the face with a giant fish while yelling ‘write about Waterstrider’.

Seriously, it started when their latest track “White Light” started playing on Soundcloud while we were scrolling through our inbox and saw an email from them. Then further down was another email about them, and then the track kept popping up everywhere. A few of the sites we read started posting it, people we follow on Soundcloud re-posted it, we’d go on Hype Machine and there it was, and most of all, every time we opened the inbox on our tablet, it kept scrolling to the Waterstrider submission.

So, message received Universe, we are now writing about Waterstrider.

Thankfully, after all that otherworldly pressure being placed on us to write, “White Light” is a quality piece of indie-poppery with intricate and playful guitar jangles and scattergun rhythms. It is pretty much exactly what you (well, we) would want to hear at this time of year. It’s quite bright, quite uptempo and energetic without being too full on and in your face. It’s like getting back to work and catching up with all your friends there and having a good catch up over the watercooler, not like getting back to work and being bombarded by overly enthusiastic and chirpy bastards who won’t shut up about every minute detail of their break. Not that there are any people like that in our office of course…

Ahem. Yeah. So, stream “White Light” below and let Waterstrider know via their social media links (after the track) if you like it. Tell them the Universe sent you.

”White Light” is taken from Watertrider’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Nowhere Now’, and will be released as a AA single on 29 January.

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Horse Party – “Out Of Sight”

3 Jan

Horse Party

The New Year may only be three days old but Suffolk based Alphabet Bands favourites Horse Party aren’t giving it a chance to get settled in its comfy chair and feel all relaxed and chilled out. No, instead they have gone in full bore, grabbed it by the lapels and given it a good old shake while hollering ‘we don’t care how hung-over you are, it’s time to rock!’

Released physically on 23 February, double A side single “Out Of Sight” / “Receiver” was posted online yesterday evening and is more frenetic than any of the newly resolved joggers we’ve seen huffing past our window recently. “Receiver” has that kind of Therapy?-esque vibrancy and frenzy about it while “Out Of Sight” (which you can stream below) just kind of sidles up to you, all low guitar, drums and quiet menace. Then the chorus kicks in and the ante is upped. This isn’t a casual conversation, this is an attitude fuelled, in your face, blast of angular noise. Riffs get grindy, rhythms get crashy and vocals get sneery.

It’s a fantastic, ragged detonation of indie-rock, poor 2015 never stood a chance.

”Out Of Sight” / “Receiver” is due for release on limited edition vinyl via R*E*P*E*A*T Records / Pure Deadly on 23 February. You can pre-order the single here and get an immediate download of both tracks. This will be the only way you can get a download of the song, it will not be released on any other digital platform.

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Luke De-Sciscio – “Always”

11 Aug

Luke De-Sciscio

Such is the life of a new music blogger and so inundated are we with new music that it is entirely possible to forget where you first heard of an artist or a track. Often you can even think you’ve discovered someone new only to find they have been around for ages doing various things with varying success.

We experienced both of those events with just one artist recently when we started listening to Luke De-Sciscio’s latest tune on Soundcloud. ‘Who is this we have discovered’? we wondered. Only to realise that not only had his label actually sent us the track via Soundcloud, that they had even emailed us two weeks ago about the song and indeed, as a quick Google revealed, Luke has been making and recoding music for a few years now and featured on the odd Hype-Machine registered blog from time to time already.

Like we said, so inundated it’s sometimes hard to keep track.

Still, with Google-fu in full swing we determined the following.

A singer-songwriter of Anglo-Italian descent, De-Sciscio has been a solo artist, been a member of Bath-based indie rock band The Dollrats and then a solo artist once more. He cites Jeff Buckley, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush as influences and last year was invited to play ‘An Evening with Jeff Buckley’ the annual tribute show held at Arlene’s Grocery in New York. His music has (randomly – he didn’t even know it was happening) appeared on Hollyoaks (as more and more up and coming artists appear to do so these days) and is about to release his third EP, Rust.

More importantly though, his new track (and the first to be taken from the upcoming EP) is pretty darn excellent. On “Always” De-Sciscio manages to sound like Morrissey, Sivu and mid-90’s indie rockers Mansun all rolled into one. It’s no small feat and one that works surprisingly well. It rocks gently, swirls lightly and grinds just enough. There’s a subtle sense of urgency within, not tense or stressful, but enough to quicken your pulse a touch. The chorus builds and hurtles along like an outpouring of emotion, the vocals pained and raw as cymbals crash and guitars and strings flurry.

It may not be the most original song you’ll hear this week, but originality is overrated, it’s quality that’s important and this is a cracking tune that is worth checking out.

Luke De-Sciscio’s ‘Rust’ EP is due out on 3 September via Source Mountain Records and is available to pre-order now.

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Lincoln – “Fading Light”

29 Jul


Until the other day, Lincoln was not a name we were familiar with. Well, obviously we were familiar with it, what with it being the name of a very famous former President, cars, and movies about famous former presidents and of course, living in the east of England, there is good old Lincoln City one of the few cities in the country that makes Norwich feel like a sprawling metropolis. No, we mean that until the other day, we were not familiar with the name Lincoln in a musical context. We are now though and it is entirely possible that soon a lot more people will be too.

Hailing from Sydney in Australia (an actual sprawling metropolis), Lincoln lives a paradoxical double life. Emergency nurse, saving lives, by day, dark brooding songstress, embracing death and loss, by night. Though in all honesty that’s a good thing, not only because it means she isn’t getting distracted by the macabre whilst having a rummage in your internal organs, but because the resultant music is pretty darn beautiful.

Her latest release, “Fading Light” is a prime example. A simple, mournful piano line is a bed for Lincoln’s soft, heartfelt vocals. They lie, waiting for the darkness to envelop them and soon their patience is rewarded, the rhythm bursts forth and a shadowy foreboding looms above. Dramatic and menacing, her vocals call out with a convulsive arch of the back, eager to entwine and become one with this sinister melodic lover.

”Fading Light” is taken from Lincoln’s ‘Visions of a Fading Light’ EP which is out now on iTunes.

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