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Iyes – “Feelings”

6 Apr

Spring has well and truly sprung and as well as the re-emergence of flowers, greenery and even some sunshine, the last few weeks have brought about the return of a number of bands and artists. One band in particular has awoken from a hibernation that lasted much longer than the winter months.

It’s been over a year since we heard from Iyes, a year in which they have embarked on other projects. Josh’s Weirdo & Co are going from strength to strength and the little we’ve heard of Melis’ solo material has us salivating for more. So for the duo to come back together is a very welcome and unexpected treat.

We can only presume that the weather in Berlin has been significantly better than here in the UK. There is no way the few blissful hours of warmth we have had would have been sufficient to inspire the deliriously bright and bouncy floorfiller that is “Feelings”. It is positively tropical, sounding like the musical embodiment of gleeful, sunglasses wearing, poolside shape cutting delight. The beat is crazy infectious while the synths and electronics dazzle and shimmer as they reflect on the water.

Spring may have only just sprung, but it already feels like summer is here.

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Iyes – “So Crazy”

23 Jul

Iyes Part One

Last time we heard from Iyes they were teasing us with the wonderfully stripped back “Simmer”. While we are yet to hear the hoped for fully rendered electronic version, the duo have returned with something new that more than balances out the lack of digitisation last time.

Beginning like a slow and warped, haunted carousel ride,“So Crazy” quickly escalates like an attempt at a close encounter, all bonkers rhythm and twisted lights. The keys roll and twist excitedly like an 80s computer game on acid while the vocals from Josh and Melis complement and confront. It’s a vibrant kaleidoscopic, epileptic sound drenched with heartache and emotion. The ride may be scary, but we certainly don’t want to get off.

”So Crazy” is taken from the forthcoming EP, ‘Part One’.

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Iyes – “Simmer”

4 Feb


The first time we heard Iyes was back in 2013 for the “Blog Up” showcase at The Great Escape Festival. Try as they might, they couldn’t get their electronics to work but rather than sack it off and get a beer, they treated us to an acoustic set that (for the uninitiated amongst the crowd, like us) really whetted our appetite for what these fantastic songs would sound like fully realised and steeped in electronic glitchiness as intended.

We mention this because, like at that show, their latest offering is a stripped back live demo, “Simmer”. Also like at that show, as we listen and enjoy the intricate guitar picking, Melis’ sweet and intoxicating vocals, Josh’s harmonies and the quiet intensity of the melody, we find ourselves (metaphorically) salivating at the prospect of a fully rendered version with synths and electronics.

While we wait patiently in hope that such a version exists, we shall hit the repeat button on this demo and remind ourselves that beneath all the glitchiness and noodling, within the smoking synth lines and crisp digitised beats, Iyes do write damn good pop songs.

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Iyes – “Toys”

2 May

Iyes - Toys

This post contains a tenuous connection for no good reason
Warning ends.

Just a few days ago, when discussing the matchmaking charms of the new Lovestarrs video, we referenced Jane Austen’s Emma and Cher Horowitz from Clueless as examples of cupid like people. We almost included Blind Date’s Cilla Black, but we chose not to. Now though that looks like a massive oversight as we could have gone with the whole Surprise Surprise angle today in response to Iyes out of the blue posting of a new demo last night.

But we didn’t, so we can’t.


Still, while we can’t reference one part of 80’s pop culture, we can point to another as “Toys” features what sounds like some distinctly Commodore 64 like computer game glitchiness, as well as smoky vocals from both Josh and Melis. Indeed, their vocals entwine like undulating bodies as the crisp beat crashes like a caught breath in a moment of passion. While previous track ”Breathe” was soft and sensual, “Toys” is surprisingly sultry and very sexy. They even pause for a moment of heavy breathing for goodness sake, before the melody slinks back along like some kind of electronica temptress, all seductive and irresistible.

We just checked under our collar, it’s pretty hot in there.

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Iyes – “Breathe”

24 Mar

Iyes - Breathe

After a storming end to 2013 (with the release of the brilliant ”’Til Infinity” and a surprising and sublime Beyoncé cover) Brighton’s Iyes had the bog world salivating with excitement. We, the collective blog mind we mean, had been waiting to see if they could deliver on the promise of their earlier demos and boy, we were not disappointed. Having teamed up with the very new and seemingly already very very cool Duly Noted records, with those two tracks Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová were showing us that our expectation and enthusiasm was well placed.

Of course the worry after releasing such a universally acclaimed track is how to follow it up, what do you do and can you sustain the quality and exhilaration? If you’re Iyes, the answer is simple. Enlist equally red-hot right now MNEK on production duties and take the opportunity to sex things up a little.

“Breathe” has a soft and sensual feel to it, with elements of sultry hazy heat thrown in for good measure. Josh’s backing vocals are a steamy whispered echo behind the ear of Melis’ cool seductive tones. The beat cavorts with the electronic melody, not in a rough and tumble sort of way though, oh no, this is a much more elegant consummation of sound. Think ball gowns, champagne and slow luxuriant indulgences of the flesh rather than a quick knee trembler in a car park or similar.

All this and the chorus is still subtly infectious and very electro-pop friendly; and just when you thought it was reaching its, ahem, climax, a second wind is found and further layers of aural ecstasy are reached. “Breathe” is another stunning track from a duo operating at the top of their game.

”Breathe” is released on 5 May via Duly Noted Records. Iyes will be playing Gold Dust at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 16 April.

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